Christmas Wreath with pinecones and tiny gold gift ornaments. Red and White bows and ornaments on the wreath. The text 'Great Gifts' is centered in the middle of the wreath in red text.

2021 Holiday Guide

U.S. Flags

Sports Flags

Florida Panthers flag on a white wall in a bedroom. The flag is red with a blue and gold Panther logo centered in the middle of the flag with the text 'Florida' above it. The flag is placed next to the yellow door and above the bed with a yellow bedspread.

Military Flags

The United States Space Force Flag on a brick wall in the living room. The flag is black with a blue & white space force logo in the center. Text 'United States Space Force' is below the logo with the letters 'MMXIX' beneath.

Decorative Flags

Patriotic decorative flag in the front lawn of the home with a white terrier statue to the left. The flag reads 'Thanks to all who serve' and has two medical professionals holding up the United States outline decorated like the American Flag.

Americana Staples

Front Porch decorated in American stick flags, full pleated poly/cotton fans, and colonial pull-downs. Several stick flags in plant pots on porch and porch chair. Colonial pull-downs and full pleated Americana fans alternate and hang from the porch roof.


POW/MIA flag on flagpole flying with blue sky and corner of tree in the background.

Thin Line Flags

Thin Blue Line Flag flying from the top story of a home on a house-mounted pole. The Thin Blue Line flag mimics the American flag's design but instead alternates black and white stripes and white stars on a black field. The fifth stripe from the bottom is blue.

International Flags

Several International Stick Flags with bases on a desk with an alarm clock in the background. business card is centered in between the stick flags.

Historical Flags

The historical flag 'An Appeal to Heaven' is mounted on a red brick building below a window with black window panes. The flag is white with the text 'An Appeal to Heaven' in all caps at the top center. A green pine tree is centered in the middle of the flag below the text.

50 State Flags

Three states stick flags on a desk next to coffee, papers, and laptop. The Idaho state stick flag is layered above the Illinois state flag.

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