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Memorial Day in the Time of COVID

Posted by Molly M. on 19th May 2020

This Memorial Day will be different than any other in recent memory, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep most of us at home or, at the very least, six feet apart from each other. While certain beaches and travel hot spots will be open with restrictions just in time for the weekend, parades and large gatherings have all been canceled. 

Memorial Day will hit especially close to home this year, as some of our servicemen and women have been called back into active duty to help fight the pandemic. Following a presidential order in late March, veterans and reserve members of the military have been called up to help augment medical, disaster and emergency response teams who are hard at work during this extraordinary time of need.

3 Tips to Celebrate Memorial Day in 2020:

While we may not be able to leave flowers at cemeteries or visit wounded soldiers this year, we can still celebrate Memorial Day safely:

1. Fly the flag! If you have an American and/or POW/MIA flag, fly it at half-staff until noon. (And be sure to follow the proper rules for flying your flag, as outlined by the U.S. Flag Code).

2. Take a moment to remember the fallen. Pause for a national moment of remembrance at 3 PM.

3. Make your own Memorial Day Poppy Pin and pin a few in your jacket (or plant a few in your yard). Poppies have been a symbol of Memorial Day since World War I, with the publication of the famous war poem “In Flanders Fields.” Red field poppies are the first flowers to thrive in war-torn battlefields.