Can a Simple Gesture be the Ultimate Honor?

Mar 29, 2013


Often when we think of our fallen troops, we tend to assume that they were killed overseas in some foreign country. But when we find out that tragedy has occurred on American soil, countless questions arise. How could this happen? Was it human error? Who are the loved ones directly effected? However, we must not forget the question of ‘how can we honor the brave men and women whose lives have been sacrificed for our freedom?

On March 18th, seven Marines were killed during an exercise at Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada. Eight others were injured, including the Navy corpsman. The unit’s commanding officer, Lt Col. Andrew J. McNulty, released a statement saying the 60-millimeter mortar system ‘failed to function as designed’. McNulty continued by praising the Marines and sailors who provided first aid calling them ‘nothing short of heroic’.

As funeral arrangements are being made, many are left wondering how we can honor the seven men who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is our belief, at, that by adopting characteristics of those who serve our county, you are engaging in the ultimate form of reverence to their memory. By incorporating acts of selflessness, diligence, and respect into your daily life, you are spreading the principles on which the United States of America is founded on.
In addition, the states of Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Maryland, and North Carolina are to have their flags at half mast in memory of those seven Marines who once resided in these locations. However, regardless of what state you live in, the simple gesture of lowering your flag emphasizes that we are all citizens of the United States and in tragedy we stand together as one.

By: Ashlee O’Donnell