Flagpole FAQ

How do I measure the height of my flagpole?

The easiest way to measure the height of your flagpole requires a ball of string and a tape measure. First, lower the flag. Then tie the end of the string to the top flag snap. Raise the snap to the top of the pole, and then mark where the string touches the ground. Next, lower the string, untie it and use your tape measure to measure the length of the string.

For high winds, which flag pole should I buy?

We have a wind chart to check your location and we can pick the appropriate flag pole for your area. Keep in mind that it is the un-flagged wind speed you should look at when selecting a flagpole. Flags should not be flown during inclement weather.

Flagpole Wind Chart

What are the different finishes and styles of flagpoles?

The different finishes are: satin, clear, bronze, and black anodized. The different styles are: fiberglass, nautical (with yardarm and gaffs), single mast nautical, double mast nautical and steel.

What is an economical way to purchase a residential flag pole?

We offer sectional and telescoping poles that are economical and easy to install. These are not wind rated. They both have a silver finish. The sectional has an external halyard and telescoping has clips and is good for tailgating. Both of these poles are 20 feet tall.

Do you install flag poles?

We do not, at this time, install the flagpoles. You may hire a general contractor or make it a do it yourself project. Instructions are included.

Do I pay for the shipping and how is it shipped?

Yes, you will pay for the shipping and it is determined by the freight company to your zip code and whether it is residential or commercial.

If my flagpole arrives damaged, what do I do?

Please thoroughly examine the flagpole and accessories when it arrives. If there is a problem refuse the shipment. Then call us and we take care of the problem.

What is the difference between an external and internal halyard?

Internal halyards have the halyard on the inside of the pole for better security; ropes cannot be cut and flags cannot be stolen. External is on the outside of the pole.

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