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American Flag Disposal Service from

American Flag Disposal Service from

Posted by Staff on 25th Apr 2019


Customers are once again welcome to send their worn and retired flags so they can be disposed of properly.

Flying American flags is a constitutional right and a privilege that Americans do not take for granted. Showing pride and love to our great nation, while honoring the men and women who have fought and are currently fighting for our freedom is just a small part of why we fly the United States flag. The US flag is a living entity and is treated as such. It has its own code and guidelines written to protect the integrity of the flag.

While the flag is a living thing and represents a living country, it definitely takes a beating from the weather, especially wind, rain, snow, and the sun, and thus becomes tattered and not suitable for flying any longer. The process to retire and dispose of the American flag is unknown to most, as well as time-consuming. The ceremony must be done in the correct way with the flag folded or cut properly. has taken it upon ourselves to be a responsible source of disposing of your United States of America flags in the correct way and to uphold the US flag code.

Please send your retired USA flags to our address below. (This is a free service, you just pay to ship the flags.)
Attn: Disposal Service
1395 NW 17th Ave Suite 112B
Delray Beach, FL 33445

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The American flag represents a living country and it is disrespectful to fly a flag that is worn out. Retire your flag if it is tattered, worn or faded. To get the most fly time out of your flag, bring it indoors during inclement weather and don’t fly it during evening hours when it won’t be seen.


CEREMONIAL BURN (with optional shredding)

Burning the flag is considered to be the most ceremonial method of disposal, according to the U.S. Flag Code. Ideally, you’ll need adequate space, time, and privacy to ensure the flag is burned completely and discreetly. First, fold the flag properly. If you don’t know how to fold the American flag, see our step-by-step folding instructions at the bottom of this article. After the flag is folded, place it on a prepared bonfire. You can pay tribute while it burns by saluting, reciting the pledge of allegiance, or singing the national anthem.

Shredding (optional)
If you don’t have space, time or privacy to build a bonfire, disassemble the American flag and then burn the individual pieces. To do this, use a pair of scissors to separate the starfield from the stripes. Leave the starfield intact and cut each stripe so they are independently separated. Then, burn the pieces one-by-one in a smaller fire.

Pros of Burning: Preferred method of the U.S. Flags Code, the most ceremonial method
Cons of Burning: Can be messy and it’s not environmentally friendly; burning nylon flags can emit hazardous gases


First, fold the flag properly. If you don’t know how to fold the American flag, see our step-by-step folding instructions. After the flag is folded, place it in a ceremonial wooden box. Stand at attention or observe a moment of silence as the box is lowered into the earth. You may also mark the burial site with a patriotic marker, but this is not required.

Pros of Burial: Environmentally responsible, generally safe for persons of all ages
Cons of Burial: Considered less ceremonial, no one likes to dig holes


Are you planning on retiring your flag? We would love it if you would document and share your disposal ceremony with us. Please tag us on social media so we can share your disposal photos and videos with other patriots! FB Page Instagram



Folding Flag - Start

Step 1

Folding Flag - Step 1

Fold the lower striped section of the flag over the blue field.

Step 2

Folding Flag - 2

Folded edge is then folded over to meet the open edge.

Step 3

Folding Flag - Step 3

A triangular fold is then started by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to the open edge.

Step 4

Folding Flag - 4

Outer point is then turned inward parallel with the open edge to form a second triangle.

Step 5

Folding Flag - 5

Triangular folding is continued until the entire length of the flag is folded in the triangular shape with only the blue field visible.


Folding Flag - Completed

Watch an actual flag retirement ceremony!