Mourning & Half Staff

Mourning & Half Staff

If you cannot fly your flag at half staff, these mourning bows and streamers are exactly the solution. If you don't know when to fly your flag at half staff, subscribe to be notified of half staff proclamations across the United States.

  • An American flag hanging from a silver pole. The mourning bow is placed below a ball ornament at the top of the flag.

    Mourning Bow

    Unable to lower your flag to half-staff? Not to worry: you can still express your solidarity and respect using a mourning bow. This bow attaches to the top of the flagpole above the flag, right below where a flagpole ornament might be. The mourning bow...
  • A black ribbon of mourning folded twice over itself, with a brass grommet attached at one end.

    Mourning Ribbon

    Just received a half-staff notification, but can’t lower your flag to half-staff? Show your respect using a black mourning ribbon. These ribbons are designed to be attached above the flag, in the same place where you would put a flagpole ornament...
  • A vertical flag with alternating black, purple, black, purple, black vertical stripes and a white canvas header at the top with 2 brass grommets.

    Mourning Pulldown

    A display of black and purple mourning pulldowns is a community-driven tradition that is used to mourn the passing of a local or national hero. This is a high-quality product that is made in America with 100% nylon canvas and brass grommets. It is a...
  • A pleated half-circle made of nylon, alternating stripes of deep purple and black with a canvas heading.

    Mourning Fan 3' x 6' Nylon

    When a loved one dies, it is natural for humans to grieve. The black and purple morning fans help the communities of the bereaved deal with their loss of a hero and begin the healing process.  Pleated mourning fans are often used on buildings or...
  • This fan is a black, “half-circle” shaped flag with a blue line in the center.

    Thin Blue Line Fan 3' x 6' Nylon

    Honor the heroism and sacrifices of police officers today with the Thin Blue Line Fan. With this pleated fan flag displayed on the front of your home, everyone will know you support blue lives. Pleated fans are a charming way to decorate homes, parades,...