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Patriotic Decorations

Show your spirit with any of our red, white and blue patriotic decorations.  Choose from pleated fans, pulldowns, bunting and garland.

  • This semi-circular fan flag features five alternating stripes of red and white, with a center stripe in blue with white stars. Ruffled pleats give it a decorative flair.

    Full Pleated Fans

    Celebrate the Red, White, and Blue with this timeless, patriotic, and American-made pleated fan! Semi-circular pleated fans are an iconic look, perfect for hanging on balconies, in windows, on walls, or wherever you want to show your love for America and...

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  • This is a red, white, and blue American flag for windows. There are 2 suction cups, 1 on both of the top corners of the flag. US Window Flag

    US Window Flag

    Let your patriotism show at home or in your car with the window flag! This flag sports the iconic stars and stripes with its vibrant red, white, and blue so you can flaunt your patriotic pride to the whole neighborhood. It is made in America with a...

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  • Pulldown with a colonial American flag-inspired design with red and white stripes, a blue union, and 13 white stars.

    Colonial Pulldown Nylon

    Add a splash of patriotism to your home, parade float, or business with this pulldown banner!  This decoration is made in America with lightweight nylon fabric. It wears a Betsy Ross, 13 colonies flag-inspired design. The sewn stripes run down the...

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  • American Flag Windsock

    American Flag Windsock

    This windsock is doing its best to replicate the American flag. White stars boldly dance across a deep blue background at its top, while red and white stripes fly like streamers below. With every wave in the breeze, this eye-catching windsock is uniquely...

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  • Pulldown with 50 stars embroidered on navy blue union with sewn red and white stripes.

    50 Star Pulldown

    Decorate your home or office for patriotic holidays and gatherings with this pulldown banner. This US flag pulldown features 50 stars embroidered onto the navy blue union and tailored with sewn red and white stripes. It is made in America and matched...

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  • A long cotton bunting made up of American flags that span across the entire length.

    US Flag Pattern Bunting

    This flag bunting will turn heads and make a lasting patriotic statement! Its vibrant red, white, and blue colors make it great for decorating homes, stages, and even parade floats. This fully printed cotton bunting is designed to be heavy duty so...

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  • Garden stakes with 4 red stars, like fireworks,  each side. 1 has the US flag design. The other a red-and-white 5-pointed star. Across the front says "I love USA."

    Pair of Patriotic Garden Stakes

    A pair of patriotic garden stakes can add a touch of Americana to any yard or garden. Each garden stake measures 32" x 10" x 1" and can be easily inserted into the ground.  These lawn ornaments are made of durable metal, and they're perfect for...

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