Parade Poles & Accessories

We take pride in offering high-quality products that are built to withstand the demands of any parade or special event. Whether you are a professional organizer, a member of a marching band, or an enthusiastic parade goer, our parade poles and accessories are sure to meet your needs.

Choose from our range of oak display poles or aluminum display poles, designed to provide a strong and sturdy base for your flags. Additionally, we offer a selection of carrying cases for easy transportation and storage. These cases are made with all-weather materials to protect your parade flagpoles from damage during transit.

But we know that it's not just about the poles but the accessories too! That's why we offer a wide variety of parade accessories to make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our white cotton parade gloves are the perfect addition to your ensemble, adding an extra touch of elegance and professionalism. And for those unpredictable weather conditions, we've got you covered with our rain and dust covers, designed to keep your flagpoles in pristine condition. 

We understand that parade organizers and flag bearers need the right accessories to make their processionals as smooth as possible. That's why we offer webbed and leather parade belts that are designed to provide comfort and stability during your march.

At the end of the day, we are truly passionate about providing you with the best parade products on the market. So whether you're looking for a simple flagpole or a complete parade ensemble, we've got you covered with high-quality products that are sure to make your event a success!

  • A subsection of an indoor oak flagpole showing the two pieces' unassembled chrome screw joints.

    Oak Display Pole

    Our oak poles are perfect for any indoor display, featuring a two-piece design with easy-to-assemble metal screw joints. The metal finish is available in two options: chrome and brass. The indoor oak flagpole comes in various diameters, so choose the...
  • Two gold aluminum flag pole sections separated at the joint.

    Aluminum Display Pole

    These two-piece poles are designed for use by America's color guards and marching bands but are universally useful.  These hollow aluminum flagpoles have a beautiful anodized finish in your choice of gold or silver.  Special features include...
  • Light wood pole with a brass spear and ferrule displayed in 3 sections

    Ash Guidon Staff w/ Spear

    We’ve been trusted for decades by the US military to provide quality guidons and parade gear.  Our Ash Guidon Staff w/ Spear includes: Army spear 2 piece ash pole Bottom ferrule Available in three sizes: 7’ x 1 ¼”...
  • Blue vinyl case for carrying flags and parade accessories.

    Carrying Case

    Make flag bearing easy with this carrying case! They are great for storing, transporting, and protecting your flagpole hardware while traveling to all your marching events. They can also be used for indoor sets that are frequently moved to multiple...
  • Single and double strapped parade belts that are used for flag bearing. They come in white and black.

    Webbed Parade Belt

    Carry your flag in confidence with our Webbed Parade Belt. Choose from a selection of styles (single or double) and colors (white, black, and olive).  These belts are fully adjustable and exceptionally comfortable. They are constructed to...
  • A brown sleeve that works as a rain cover for a flag and pole.

    Rain Cover

    Rain or shine, the show must go on! Keep your parade flags & flag poles dry until you're ready to go for a walk with these covers. This sleeve is created to carry and store 7’, 8’, and 9’ mounted flag sets. It is crafted with...
  • Belt straps made with leather in white, black, or russet colors.

    Leather Parade Belt

    Hold your marching band flags with ease with this parade belt. This uniform accessory makes performing more comfortable while still looking good. Choose from a selection of single or double harnesses in high-quality genuine leather in white, black, or...
  • A pair of white cotton parade gloves with three stitching lines on the back of the gloves.

    White Cotton Parade Gloves

    These white cotton gloves are worn by flag bearers during formal events such as parades, ceremonies, funerals, and receptions. They are a vital part of a public safety professional’s uniform. Our white parade gloves are made with 100% cotton...
  • Clear plastic sleeve to hold flagpoles

    Dust Cover

    Protect your ceremonial flag set from dust and debris with this dust cover! This accessory is made with flexible, translucent/waxy, and weatherproof heavy-gauge polyethylene. It is designed to conveniently shield your parade flag pole, keeping it clean...