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50 State Flag Sets

Full size flag sets come with either grommets for outdoor use or fringe for indoor presentation. There are also two sizes of handheld stick flags, and a wide base for stick flags that can be purchased separately.

  • A flag set with all 50 American state flags. A flag set with all 50 American state flags.

    50 State Flag Set

    Get the complete collection of all U.S. state flags with our American-made 50 State Flag Set. Each flag in this set is carefully made with quality, durability, and patriotism in mind. The lightweight nylon material ensures that your flags fly proudly...

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  • 50 State Flag Stick Set

    50 State Flag Stick Set

    The 50 State Flag Stick Set allows you to easily display all the state flags at once! Made in America 100% polyester 4" x 6" stick flag has a 10.5" plastic staff 8" x 12" stick flag has a 20" wood staff  Gold painted spear *BASES SOLD...

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