50 State Flag Sets

The 50 State Flag Sets category includes flag sets representing all 50 states of the US, available in full size and for indoor and outdoor use. Handheld stick flags are also available for parades, rallies, or events. A wide wood base is available for displaying stick flags. Explore the exciting assortment of flag sets in this category and let your state flag #flyproudly!

  • A flag set with all 50 American state flags.

    50 State Flag Set

    Get the complete collection of all U.S. state flags with our American-made 50 State Flag Set. Each flag in this set is carefully made with quality, durability, and patriotism in mind. The lightweight nylon material ensures that your flags fly proudly...
  • A black flag base has 50 small flags on sticks, each with a different US state flag. At the bottom reads the text “flags only, base sold separately.”

    50 State Flag Stick Set

    Keep track of which states you’ve visited, or celebrate the wide variety of regions that make up the United States with our 50 State Flag Stick Set! This kit includes all US state flags as miniature versions attached to small staffs.  Each...