Parade Poles & Accessories

Designed to enhance your parade experience, these lightweight parade poles are a life-saver when carrying your poles over long distances. Whether you are a member of a marching band, a color guard, or a parade enthusiast, you will find the perfect accessories to complement your parade attire and ensure your flag or guidon is displayed proudly.

The Rain Cover and Dust Cover are must-haves for outdoor events, safeguarding your poles and flags from unexpected weather conditions. These covers ensure your parade gear remains clean and always ready for display. Our Carrying Case provides a convenient solution for securely transporting your parade poles and accessories, preventing any transit damage.

In addition to protective accessories, we also offer a selection of parade belts that are both functional and stylish. The Webbed Parade Belt and Leather Parade Belt offer support for carrying your parade poles and add a touch of elegance to your uniform. Made with high-quality materials, these belts offer durability and comfort, enabling you to maneuver throughout the parade route confidently.

Our Oak Display Pole and Aluminum Display Pole are ideal for those looking for a timeless and traditional touch. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these poles are designed to showcase your flags proudly. The Ash Guidon Staff with Spear is also perfect for those requiring a more specialized pole for displaying guidons. Its sturdy construction and spear adornment exemplify the rich heritage and significance associated with this type of ceremonial staff.

Completing our parade poles and accessories category is the American Flag Desk Set. Perfect for offices or display cases, this desktop set allows individuals to display their patriotism year-round. Compact and elegant, it serves as a smaller reminder of the grandeur and symbolism of the American flag.

With our top-notch quality and attention to detail, you can trust that our parade poles and accessories will uphold the highest performance and visual appeal standards.