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Parade Poles & Accessories

These lightweight parade poles are a life-saver when carrying your poles a long distances.

  • Silky polyester American stick flag. The U.S. Stick flag features 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle and 50 white stars in the upper left-hand corner. The flag is mounted on a black staff, and a gold spear sits at the top. Silky polyester American stick flag in it's matching black plastic base.

    American Classic Stick Flags

    Mini American stick flags are affordable, versatile, and essential. They allow you to show off your patriotism anywhere. You can wave them at a parade or put them in your hair at a festival and be proud to know they are made in America. Special occasions...

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  • A dozen small 4" x 6" stick flags with a non-fraying finish on a light wood staff. A crowd of people holding small  4x6” American flags on a natural wood stick in their hands and waving them above their heads. The flags are in the shape of a rectangle, with a smaller dark blue rectangle with white stars throughout in the top left corner. To the right of the small rectangle and the rest of the flag are 13 alternating red and white stripes, starting with a red stripe.

    US Stick Flags Non-fraying (12 pieces)

    US Stick Flags are a wonderful way to celebrate any patriotic holiday, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. These all-purpose stick flags are great for decorating your home, business, or neighborhood. Use the 4” x 6” stick...

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  • Over 100  4" x 6" stick flags made in the USA of cotton material on a light wooden stick and gold topper. Over 100  4" x 6" stick flags made in the USA of cotton material on a light wooden stick and gold topper.

    Non-Fraying Stick Flags (144 pieces)

    These economical Non-Fraying Stick Flags (144 pieces) are the best deal for large promotions and giveaways.  They are made of non-fraying material. Call about getting them customized with your company's name on the stick! Made in America Natural...

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  • Two-piece oak pole with metal screw joints

    Oak Pole

    All Oak Poles are two-piece with metal screw joints. Easy assembly. Ornament not included.  Ceiling Height Pole Height Flag Size 7' 6' 2 1/2' x 4' w/ sleeve & fringe 8' 7' 3' x 5' w/ sleeve &...

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  • Aluminum Pole

    Aluminum Pole

    For use by America's color guards and marching bands, these poles are two-piece, constructed of strong aluminum tubing, with rich anodized finish in your choice of gold or silver. Special features include tight-fitting invisible joints and...

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  • Webbed Parade Belt

    Webbed Parade Belt

    Complete your parade attire with the Webbed Parade Belt. Choose from a complete selection of single or double style belt in white, black, or olive.

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  • Rain Cover

    Rain Cover

    Protect your parade poles by using this rain cover! Used for carrying or storing mounted flag sets Durable waterproof material with tie tapes Will fit over 7', 8', or 9' flag sets

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  • Leather Parade Belt

    Leather Parade Belt

    Choose from a complete selection of single or double styles in genuine leather in white, black, or russet. All leather parade belts feature strong leather cups.

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  • White Cotton Parade Gloves

    White Cotton Parade Gloves

    Our white parade gloves are cotton with "non-slip" palms.  Parade Glove Care Hand wash with mild soap Do not bleach Do not machine dry Do not dry clean Do not use if damaged Do not store in direct sunlight

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