Decorative Flags

Decorative Flags, Banners, Hardware, etc.

We have a large variety of decorative house banners and flags for sale.  These attractive banners and flags come in designs for holidays, special occasions, and seasons.

The decorative banners are constructed of polyester. Most house banners come in sizes 28" x 40" to 29" x 43" with a dye sublimation design, unless stated otherwise on the product page. Our garden banners are 12" x 18 1/2" . Both our full size and garden size banners have a sleeve along the top that helps them slide effortlessly over a pole to hang vertically. 

The decorative flags are available in size 3' x 5' and are primarily for outdoor use. They have a canvas header with two brass grommets and fly horizontally or at a 45 degree angle on a house pole or free standing flagpole. They are constructed of heavyweight nylon, have four rows of stitching for longer wear and are precisely printed in colorfast colors.


  • A green garden flag with the United States Army seal. "Army" is written across the top.

    Army Garden Flag

    Show your military pride with this United States Army Garden Flag. Our Army flag is made in America with a fade and weather-resistant polyester material. Pair it with any standard garden flagpole to add the perfect décor to your yard or garden...
  • A house flag featuring large flowers of red, pink and white.

    Blooming House Flag

    Introducing the Blooming House Flag, a beautiful decorative banner crafted with 100% polyester. With a luxurious suede-like texture, this flag showcases brilliant colors and non-fray durability. Fade and weather-resistant, it promises to adorn your home...
  • A red garden flag with the United States Marine Corps seal. "Marine" is written across the top and "Semper Fi" is written across the bottom.

    Marine Corps Garden Flag

    Semper Fi! Display your respect for the “Always Faithful” with this US Marine Corps Garden flag. This American-made flag is designed with top-quality polyester material that has stand-out vibrancy. Features 13” x 18” - fits...
  • A dark blue garden flag featuring the United States Navy emblem. 'Navy' is written across the top in gold.

    Navy Garden Flag

    Pay your respects to the “Always Courageous” with this US Navy Garden Flag. Made with sturdy polyester material, this garden flag pairs perfectly with any standard garden flagpole.  Features: Made In The United States Of America -...
  • The Juneteenth flag features a red and blue field. The center has a white outline of a 12-pointed star with a solid white 5-pointed star in the middle.

    Juneteenth Flag

    Commemorate the emancipation of the enslaved people in the US with this vibrant Juneteenth Flag. Our Juneteenth flags are made in America with 100% nylon material resistant to water and ultraviolet rays. Equipped with a strong canvas header and brass...
  • A house flag with a red Cardinal perching on top of a tree with green leaves and white flowers.

    Cardinal in Blossoms House Flag

    Accessorize your home to usher in the warm seasons with the Cardinal in Blossoms House Flag. This beautiful design features a vibrant Cardinal perched on a tree with enchanting white flowers. The quality fabrics used to produce these flags are fade...
  • A house flag depicting a wild turkey on an orange background surrounded by seasonal leaves.

    Proud Turkey House Flag

    Introducing our Proud Turkey House Flag, the perfect way to showcase your Thanksgiving spirit and add a touch of warmth to your home's decor. Our turkey themed flag is created using a dye-sublimation process on 100% silk-like polyester. The result...
  • A Halloween decorative flag featuring a black cat in a pumpkin bucket with the words 'Trick or Treat' in orange next to it.

    Trick or Treat Flag

    Make your home the Halloween hotspot of the neighborhood with our Trick or Treat Flag. Our American-made flag is made from 200 denier nylon, a durable and mildew-resistant material that is suitable for use indoors or outdoors. This flag...
  • A Trump flag featuring a blue background with the words “Trump,” “2024,” and “Take America Back” in white.

    Trump 2024 Flag

    Introducing the Trump 2024 Flag, a powerful symbol of unwavering support for America's 45th President, Donald Trump. Crafted with utmost care and pride, this flag is made from 100% lightweight nylon, specifically designed to withstand the elements and...
  • A blue garden flag with the seal of the United States Air Force. "Air Force" is written across the top.

    Air Force Garden Flag

    Show your support for the United States Air Force soldiers with this Air Force Garden Flag. Made to be both weather and fade-resistant, this flag is the ideal decoration for any yard or garden. These US Air Force Flags come equipped with a pole sleeve...
  • A garden flag picturing a red flower pot filled with multi-colored daisies surrounded by butterflies, next to which an overturned yellow pot and gardening tools lie on the ground.

    Gerbera Daisy Planter Garden Flag

    Enhance the vibrancy of your outdoor space with our Gerbera Daisy Planter Garden Flag! Bursting with color and charm, this delightful garden accent is perfect for the springtime and beyond, adding a touch of character to your surroundings while warmly...
  • A white flag with the words "GATHER together GIVE thanks" in dark red letters. At the bottom of the flag, there are yellow and red pumpkins with pink flowers.

    Gather Together Garden Flag

    Thanksgiving is all about the gatherings. 100% polyester. Suede-like fabric. The artwork is heat transferred to our sun-blocking polyester suede fabric. Size: 12½" x 18" 100% polyester Brilliant color Non-fray durability Double-sided so it...
  • A house flag picturing a crow perched on top of a jack-o-lantern in front of a full moon.

    Halloween Crow House Flag

    Transform your home into a Halloween haven with our exquisite Halloween Crow House Flag! This flag is the perfect addition to your seasonal décor, adding an eerie and enchanting touch to your space. Made from 100% silk-like polyester, it...
  • A dark blue flag that says "We are" in light blue, "Open" in white, and "Welcome" in yellow.

    We Are Open House Flag

    Let passersby know that you're open for business with this tasteful We Are Open House flag. This flag is made with 100% thick polyester to ensure durability. The UV-resistant colors will maintain vibrancy all season long. This flag comes equipped...
  • A house flag featuring a teal background with pink tulips. The middle says "Happy Mother's Day," with the words "Mother's Day" on a pink ribbon.

    Happy Mother's Day House Flag

    Celebrate and honor the special moms in your life with the Happy Mother's Day Flag. Made from 100% polyester, these flags offer a suede-like texture that feels soft to the touch. The artwork is heat transferred onto the sun-blocking fabric, ensuring...
  • A black house flag picturing four pumpkins with carved faces. Above them is a crescent moon, and leaves drift through the air.

    Scary Night House Flag

    Introducing the Scary Night House Flag, the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations! This flag features a captivating pumpkin design that will add just the right touch of spooky to your home this season. Each flag is meticulously printed in the...
  • A scenic decorative garden flag with cardinals perch atop a lantern surrounded by dogwood blossoms. The garden flag is shown on a garden flagpole.

    Cardinals & Dogwood Blossoms Garden Flag

    Usher in the winter season with this Cardinals and Dogwood Blossoms Garden flag. These flags are made with a medium-weight polyester suede that provides a soft and durable texture. The artwork is heat-transferred onto sun-blocking material so that it is...
  • A decorative house flag featuring all 6 seals for the branches of the US Armed forces. The middle has combat boots, a rifle, and yellow ribbon. The top says "Support our Troops" and the bottom says "Defending American Freedom."

    United We Support House Flag

    Put your support for the United States Armed Forces on full display with this patriotic decorative banner. This flag boldly features all six Armed Forces seals honoring the brave service men and women of our nation. This house flag is proudly made in...
  • Santa taking a golf swing with an elf caddy by his side. They are in a winter wonderland with a background of pine trees.

    Golfing Santa House Flag

    Even during Christmas, you can display your love for golfing with our Golfing Santa house flag. These flags are made with premium polyester fabric for a soft-to-the-touch finish. The vibrant colors are UV-resistant for a long-lasting product. Pair it up...
  • A decorative garden flag featuring a beehive with two bees. Below the hive is the words 'Bee Happy!' The background is sky blue with colorful flowers on the top and bottom.

    Bee Happy Hive Garden Flag

    Introducing the Bee Happy Hive Garden Flag, a delightful addition to your outdoor space that radiates joy and spreads positive vibes. Measuring 12½" x 18", this vibrant flag is specifically designed for the spring and summer, bringing a burst of...
  • Sand colored bottom with sky blue on top with cool cocktails in the center.  It's 5 O'clock on top and Somewhere on the bottom

    It's 5 O'Clock House Flag

    It's 5 O'Clock somewhere! Make happy hour a fun affair with this house burlap flag. The eye-catching design is perfect for adding character to any outdoor space. It's a great summertime flag. Unless you're in Florida like us, then it's all year round...
  • A flag with an American-themed watering can with flowers, leaves, and US flags coming out the top. The background is a garden with a fence.

    Patriotic Watering Can House Flag

    Adorn your home with bold stars & stripes with the Patriotic Watering Can House Flag! Its American-pride theme and colorful design will grab the attention of all your neighbors. This single/reverse house flag is made with a dye-sublimation process...
  • A house flag featuring the word "love" written in pink and red letters on a dark background. The letter 'O' is displayed as a heart.

    Love Hearts House Flag

    Spread love and warm hearts with our Love Hearts House Flag. This Valentine's Day, transform your home into a love-filled haven with this unforgettable design. Featuring the word "Love" in vibrant patterns against a contrasting dark background, this flag...
  • The flag has a wood cross draped with white cloth. The background is blue with a white light. The bottom left has  white text that reads "He Is Risen"

    He Has Risen House Flag

    The He Has Risen House Flag presents a bold statement for your neighborhood to see. It is a great addition to any home, providing a bright accent to porches and yards. We recommend flying it during the Easter season. This decorative house flag is made...
  • The Progressive Pride Flag featuring horizontal stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Over the left side there are triangular stripes of white, pink, blue, brown, and black.

    Progressive Pride Flag

    Get progressive with your pride with our new Progressive Pride flag! This flag is made from durable, lightweight nylon material, which is perfect for flying at parades, rallies, and other events. The flag features the traditional rainbow colors of the...
  • The Summertime Fun House flag sports a blue background with the sun in the top right hand corner. Throughout the flag, you will find star-sunglasses, flip flops, goggles, and a beach ball. At the bottom of the flag is the text "FUN IN THE SUN" in yellow and white.

    Summertime Fun House Flag

    Its time to have fun in the sun this summer with the Summertime Fun House Flag. This premium house flag is made from soft, durable, silky polyester. The silky polyester makes for better draping and movement. 28" x 40" - effortlessly fitting...
  • This house flag features a patterned pink ribbon with pink, purple, and blue embellishments on the side. The background is solid black.

    Hope Love Cure House Flag

    Spread breast cancer awareness with the bold Hope Love Cure House Flag. This gorgeous flag adds a hopeful spirit to any home, whether you place it on your patio, porch, or lawn.  This flag is designed with a quality polyester fabric for...
  • A flag with a blue mason jar that says "My Home Sweet Home." The jar is on a red plaid table. Inside the jar is blue and red flowers and American stick flag.  Behind the jar is a watermelon. The background is a sky blue.

    My Home Sweet Home House Flag

    With its welcoming message, this My Home Sweet Home House Flag makes a cheerful statement in any outdoor space. Crafted of medium-weight, soft polyester burlap fabric, this flag has the look and feel of real burlap. Artwork is heat transferred onto both...
  • A flag with a wicker basket with white flowers around the handle. Inside the basket is a smiling bunny and many colorful Easter eggs. There is a light green background color.

    Easter Basket House Flag

    Whether you want to decorate your home or welcome guests for an egg hunt, this decorative flag is sure to spread the joys of Easter. Made with 100% polyester, this flag has a soft silk-like feel. Prevent these vibrant spring colors from getting wrapped...
  • A house flag bearing the text 'Welcome' below a cornucopia filled with traditional fall foods.

    Welcome Horn of Plenty House Flag

    Introducing our Welcome Horn of Plenty House Flag, a delightful addition to your home decor! Made from 100% polyester using dye sublimation, this flag features a soft suede-like texture that enhances its visual appeal. With a double-sided design, it...
  • This house flag has the Ukraine flag design: half blue and half yellow.

    Ukraine House Flag

    Show your support for Ukraine and its people with this decorative house flag. The bold blue and yellow colors of the authentic design will look amazing in front of your home and spread awareness through the neighborhood. This banner's design is...
  • Beautiful bouquet of five sunflowers and three red flowers all sitting inside of an American flag painted watering can. The can sits on top of grass and the background is a blue sky. On the top is red text that reads "welcome" in all caps.

    Stars & Stripes Watering Can House Flag

    Bright yellow sunflowers attract attention away from your neighbors' house and show the world the patriotic person you are! Decorate your home with this colorful Stars & Stripes Watering Can House Flag! This flag is made with a 100% soft...
  • A garden flag that displays two bluebirds perched on a wooden fence post, behind which a few daisies are shown on a green background.

    Bluebird on a Post Garden Flag

    Enhance the charm of your garden or outdoor space with our Bluebird on a Post Garden Flag. This lively flag showcases a delightful spring design featuring a pair of bluebirds perched on a post, surrounded by vibrant daisies. Made from lightweight and...
  • A summer flag with a big yellow sun wearing shades in the middle in front of green palm leaves and purple flowers.

    Joyful Sun Garden Flag

    Greet the serene summer season with the Joyful Sun Garden Flag. This flag will hone the liveliness of the sun-kissed weather, adding the flair your garden needs to wow your neighbors.  This is made with double stitching panels on multiple rows and a...
  • A glass lantern, in a snowy field, with a lit candle inside surrounded by a wreath with mistletoe, cardinals, and flowers.

    Cardinal Christmas House Flag

    Celebrate the spirit of Christmas and winter with this Cardinal Christmas house flag. This flag is printed in the USA with premium UV and fade resistant dye, making it the ideal decoration to display all season long. The design can be seen as a mirrored...
  • A garden flag with Santa flying in his sleigh over a snowy town. The background has an American flag.

    Patriotic Santa Garden Flag

    Add some patriotism to your Christmas season with this Patriotic Santa Garden flag. This flag is made from soft, durable, medium-weight polyester suede. The artwork is heat transferred to our sun-blocking polyester suede fabric that offers...
  • Halloween House flag with an orange jack-o'-lantern in the middle wearing a purple witch hat. The background is black with small white spots, 3 yellow stars, and a yellow crescent moon.

    Witch Pumpkin House Flag

    Nothing says Halloween is around the corner better than seeing houses decorated for the holiday. Get into the spooky spirit with this Witch Pumpkin House Flag. This flag is made from a durable, satin-like polyester. The artwork is transferred to the...
  • A summer decorative flag featuring a martini glass with fruit and ice cream inside and around it. The background has a beach-like appearance. The top says "Summer is in the Air"

    Summer is in the Air House Flag

    Add a touch of summer warmth and beauty to your home décor with the Summer is in the Air House Flag. Made with 100% polyester dye sublimation and featuring a suede-like feeling, this durable flag offers brilliant color and non-fray durability...