Decorative Flags

Decorative Flags, Banners, Hardware, etc.

We have a large variety of decorative house banners and flags for sale.  These attractive banners and flags come in designs for holidays, special occasions, and seasons.

The decorative banners are constructed of polyester. Most house banners come in sizes 28" x 40" to 29" x 43" with a dye sublimation design, unless stated otherwise on the product page. Our garden banners are 12" x 18 1/2" . Both our full size and garden size banners have a sleeve along the top that helps them slide effortlessly over a pole to hang vertically. 

The decorative flags are available in size 3' x 5' and are primarily for outdoor use. They have a canvas header with two brass grommets and fly horizontally or at a 45 degree angle on a house pole or free standing flagpole. They are constructed of heavyweight nylon, have four rows of stitching for longer wear and are precisely printed in colorfast colors.


  • A green decorative flag that is covered in shamrocks. The middle says "St. Patrick's Day" with a green top hat below it.

    Irish Hat Garden Flag

    Get into the St. Patty's Day spirit with this festive Irish Hat Garden Flag. These flags with high-quality polyester material that is UV and water-resistant. Fly this flag on a garden flagpole for an easy to assemble display.  Features: 12" x...
  • A Christmas House flag with white background and a red banner along the bottom that reads "Merry Christmas." It features a green wreath with a red holiday bow.

    Merry Christmas Bow House Flag

    Celebrate the beauty of the Christmas season with this Merry Christmas Bow House Flag. Made with 100% premium polyester, this flag is designed to be durable. The fabric is UV-resistant to help keep the colors vibrant after outdoor use, making this...
  • A house flag with a dark green door that has a wreath with a red bow. The top of the flag says "Holiday Greetings."

    Holiday Greeting Wreath House Flag

    Make way for the Holiday Season with this holiday greeting house flag. This flag is made in America with thick polyester fabric that helps prevent wear and tear from frequent use. The vibrant colors are UV-resistant. This flag comes equipped with a pole...
  • A house flag that has a blue background with white snowflakes. A pine tree branch comes in from the side and has 3 blue Christmas ornaments hanging from it. "Merry Christmas" is written across the bottom.

    Christmas Ornament House Flag

    Spread Christmas cheer with a house flag that wishes your neighbors and guests a Merry Christmas. This Christmas Ornament house flag is made with a strong polyester fabric that is UV resistant. 28" x 40" - Fits easily on a tangle-free flagpole, sold...
  • A house flag with a family of 3 snowmen, all wearing hats, gloves, and scarfs. The smallest snowman is holding a present. The background is red with white snowflakes.

    Snow Family House Flag

    This cheery Snow Family is ready to greet guests in style throughout the winter season. Decked out in festive attire, the snowmen on this house flag will add character to any outdoor space. This flag is made of medium-weight, polyester suede that...
  • Poinsettia with pine cones house flag on beige background with white snow flakes

    Poinsettia w/Pine Cones House Flag

    Decorate your home for the holidays with the lovely 28" x 40" poinsettia with pine cones house flag. This beautiful flag is crafted with 100% polyester and has a soft and silky elegant drape. The mirrored design is dyed using a sublimation process...
  • A decorative house flag featuring a textured beach scene with a beach chair. The top says "Every House is Happy Hour."

    Happy Hour Beach House Flag

    Introducing the Happy House Beach House Flag, a delightful way to infuse your home with beach-inspired joy. These flags are printed in the USA on premium colorfast polyester, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting colors. Featuring creative, original artwork,...
  • The Believe Suede Garden Flag depicts a dove in front of a crucifixion cross next to some flowers. The text "He has risen - Believe" is written on the flag.

    Believe Suede Garden Flag

    Embrace the spirit of Easter with our Believe Suede Garden Flag, a beautiful and inspiring addition to your home decor. This flag is made from high-quality, weather- and fade-resistant polyester suede with vibrant printed colors. The Easter-themed...
  • A white flag with the text "Happy Hanukkah" above a blue Star of David, dove, and menorah.

    Happy Hanukkah Flag

    Elevate your Hanukkah celebrations with our Happy Hanukkah Flag, proudly made in the USA. This flag is made from nylon, a quick-drying material that is suitable for outdoor use. Our flag comes equipped with a sturdy canvas header and brass grommets for...
  • A blue garden flag showing an ornament design made up of many small snowflakes.

    Twilight Ornament Garden Flag

    Bring home the Twilight Ornament Garden Flag, the perfect addition to your winter wonderland! This enchanting flag features a stunning ornament design that will bring a touch of festive magic to your outdoor space. Each flag is meticulously printed in...
  • A garden flag picturing a bird house with a cardinal perched on the roof, and another bird sitting in front of the door. The house is surrounded by sunflowers and other plants.

    Autumn Melody Garden Flag

    Introducing the Autumn Melody Garden Flag, the perfect addition to your outdoor décor this fall season. Our flags are printed in the USA using premium colorfast permanent dye to create vibrant designs from original artwork. Made of durable,...
  • A garden flag picturing a yellow finch perched on top of two dark pink flowers.

    Finch Floral Garden Flag

    Embellish your garden with this exquisite Finch Floral Garden Flag! This linen garden flag welcomes guests in style while adding an enchanting touch to any outdoor space during the spring season. Crafted from lightweight and durable poly-linen...
  • A turquoise garden flag featuring the text ‘Welcome’ along the top, under which two mourning doves are perched on a branch, surrounded by pink flowers.

    Pair of Mourning Doves Garden Flag

    Accentuate the tranquility of your garden with our Pair of Mourning Doves Garden Flag. Crafted from lightweight, weather-resistant linen-like fabric, this flag offers a softer feel than burlap. The exquisite artwork is meticulously heat transferred and...
  • A summer garden flag featuring a blue background with pink and yellow flowers. The flag has 2 colorful drink glasses and a coconut. The top says "Cool."

    Cool Day Garden Flag

    Introducing the Cool Day Garden Flag - a durable and lightweight addition to your summer garden décor. Made from 100% polyester, this fade and weather-resistant flag will withstand the elements while still looking great. Its bright colors adds...
  • A Christmas garden flag featuring a red and gold background with a Christmas wreath in the middle. The top reads 'Christmas Wishes.'

    Christmas Wishes Garden Flag

    Get into the holiday spirit with this classically styled Christmas garden flag. These flags are made with premium polyester that is soft to the touch and heat-resistant. This high-quality garden flag is double-sided and readable from both sides when...
  • This blue and green flag features colorful eggs, flowers, butterflies, and white bunny ears. White text that reads "Happy Easter" is on the top.

    Easter Bunny & Eggs Garden Flag

    Embrace the day of eating chocolate and egg-hunting by flaunting this decorative flag. Whether you place it on your lawn or mailbox, this adorable outdoor decor will be a great addition to your home. The vibrant digitally printed graphics are...
  • This blue flag features flowers forming the shape of a uterus and white text that reads "My Body My Choice" on the top & bottom.

    My Body My Choice House Flag

    Proudly display your stance on women's rights with this beautiful decorative banner. Whether you fly it on your porch, fence, or door, it will embody the spirit of feminism and spread awareness.  This house flag is crafted in the US on a navy blue,...
  • This house flag features a snowman wearing a patterned scarf and black top hat. A bird is sitting on top of the hat brim. The background is light blue.

    Hello My Friends House Flag

    Fly this house banner to welcome your guests and decorate your home for the winter holidays. This welcoming design is digitally printed on a soft-feeling polyester fabric with dye-sublimation. This process gives this flag its vivid hues. The...
  • A garden flag featuring mosaic themed artwork with shades of blue & white, and a cross in the center. The text says "Pray for the Peace."

    Pray For Peace Garden Flag

    Hang the Pray For Peace Garden Flag to bring peace, prosperity, success & healing to your home.  This flag is made with double stitched panels and a high quality sleeve, providing lasting strength. It is also made with UV-resistant materials for...
  • A white flag with a pink background border. It says: "Happy Easter" in green and red. There are chicks, flowers, and Easter eggs all around the flag.

    Easter Joy Flag

    Wish everyone a Happy Easter with this Easter Fun Flag! Made in America 3' x 5' 200-denier nylon Polyester canvas heading Brass grommets As with any flag, leaving this flag out in inclement weather will shorten the life of your flag. PLEASE...
  • A rainbow flag hanging from a horizontal pole with vertical stripes of each color in the rainbow.

    Rainbow Garden Flag

    Add some more color to your flower garden with this pride flag. This flag is sewn, not printed. Paired with this garden flagpole, this flag is perfect for a vibrant yard.   Flag Size:  This garden flag is 13" x 18" so it fits any...
  • A flag hanging on a horizontal pole with two pumpkins surrounded by red autumn leaves and the words "Give Thanks" on top.

    Give Thanks Pumpkin Garden Flag

    Celebrate the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving with this Give Thanks Pumpkin Garden flag. Constructed of lightweight UV treated polyester, making it the ideal decoration to display all season long. The design can be seen as a mirrored image on both sides...
  • The long eared bunny brightens the front of any home with a perky white bunny dressed in pink sitting in a brown wicker laundry basket.  The basket is in a yard surrounded by colorful Easter eggs.

    Long Eared Bunny House Flag

    Bring the Easter cheer when you hang this Long Eared Bunny flag in front of your home. 100% Polyester, dye sublimation Visible from either side, one side being the mirror image Printed in the USA using premium colorfast dye to create colorful designs...
  • American Heroes House Flag with first responders and American Flag

    American Heroes House Flag

    Show your respect and appreciation to the American heroes that keep your communities safe with the American Heroes House flag. The patriotic design on this flag is featured on both sides and vibrantly colored to proudly thank your local heroes. Flag...
  • This curious kitty flag has a gray kitten curiously looking at a pink flower with other flowers in the distance.

    Curious Kitty House Flag

    Calling all cat lovers! The Curious Kitty House Flag will show off your love for felines and make your house extra cute. This premium house flag is made from soft, strong, silky polyester. The silky polyester makes for better draping and movement. The...
  • A white flag with a smiling snowman taking up most of the frame. The snowman is wearing a top hat and wearing a red checkered scarf. There is mistletoe in the top left and bottom right corner.

    Smiling Snowman Garden Flag

    This Snowman garden flag is jolly. So it will make you and your neighbors jolly too! 100% textured sun-blocking polyester Soft to the touch Brilliant colors and non-fray durability As with any flag, leaving this flag out in inclement weather will...
  • A garden flag featuring two chairs and an umbrella on a beach. The top says "Life's a Beach."

    Life's A Beach Garden Flag

    Add some summer vibes to your outdoor space with the Life's a Beach Garden Flag. Made with 100% polyester and a suede-like texture, this flag reads correctly on both sides and boasts a stunning beach-themed design. It's fade and weather resistant,...
  • A black house flag showing an orange witch's hat with a spider and bat above the text 'trick or treat'.

    Witches Hat House Flag

    Elevate your Halloween decor with our Witch's Hat House Flag, designed to bring a touch of enchantment to your outdoor space. Crafted using dye-sublimation process, this flag is a true work of art, with colors that pop and a design that bewitches all who...
  • A red flag with the text "Happy Holidays / Season's Greetings" surrounded by snowflakes and stars.

    Happy Holidays Flag

    Add a sprinkle of festive cheer to your holiday decorations with our Happy Holidays Flag. This exquisite flag is a beacon of holiday spirit, featuring the words "Happy Holidays" in a gorgeous script, accented with snowflakes and stars, against a backdrop...
  • A red flag with the white text "Happy Valentine's Day" written in script, surrounded by white hearts.

    Happy Valentine's Day Flag

    Add a dash of love to your outdoor décor with our Happy Valentine's Day Flag. This flag features an elegant, cursive script that gracefully spells out "Happy Valentine's Day," surrounded by hearts, all set against a rich red background. The...
  • A green garden flag depicting Easter eggs at the bottom and the text "Happy Easter" at the top.

    Happy Easter Garden Flag

    Celebrate the joy and renewal of the Easter season with our Happy Easter Garden Flag. This delightful flag is a vibrant addition to any garden, yard, or patio, designed to bring a splash of color and a touch of springtime cheer to your outdoor decor...