Flag Display Cases

Display a meaningful American flag with a flag display case from Our triangular flag cases are designed to exhibit a folded funeral flag beautifully. Funeral flags are used to honor soldiers, police, firefighters and veterans.

  • Small vinyl plastic case with a folded American flag inside

    Plastic Flag Case

    Display cases are military funeral ceremony essentials honoring fallen veterans, police officers, firefighters, or their family members. This vinyl plastic case is crafted with a canvas backing and a zipper for closing. It comfortably holds a 5’ x...
  • Wooden flag display case with a cherry finish, holding a folded American flag inside.

    Cherry Finish Flag Case

    Memorialize the lives of those who are gone but not forgotten. This wooden display case is designed to fit a folded American flag at military memorials and funeral services. This American-made case is crafted with premium quality materials with a...
  • Triangular case made out of dark-colored wood.

    Poplar Flag Case

    Preserve the memories of your loved ones who sacrificed themselves for our nation. This burial flag display case is beautifully crafted with poplar wood. This material is known for its elegance and durability. This product comes with a glass front and is...
  • Oak finish flag case with folded American flag inside

    Oak Memorial Flag Case

    An oak memorial flag case is a beautiful way to display and protect a special American flag in honor of a cherished loved one who has served and protected our great country! This traditional oak-finished commemorative flag case holds up to a 5' x...
  • Light wood triangular case with the stars section of the American flag showing.

    Flag Case Deluxe Oak Finish

    This deluxe oak flag case holds a 5' x 9 1/2' cotton American flag folded into a triangle. The front is made of glass. Made in America, this product is perfect for those who want to proudly display patriotism and respect. This oak flag display case can...
  • A triangular maple finish flag case finished with solid hardwood border and a plexiglass front holding a 5' x 9½' cotton American flag folded into a triangle.

    Maple Memorial Flag Case

    Commemorate the lives of people who have passed yet are not forgotten. This memorial flag display case is intended for use in military memorials and funeral ceremonies to hold a folded American flag. This American-made memorial casket flag case is made...