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Inground Flagpoles

External halyard flagpole: This type of flagpole features a rope that goes from the truck at the top of the flagpole to the cleat where it is secured. External halyard ropes are made of diamond-braided polyester. This pole also has an exposed pulley. Freight charges apply to this kind of flagpole.

Internal halyard flagpoleThis type of flagpole has a hidden halyard inside. This internal halyard is made of wired polyester rope or stainless steel. While internal halyard flagpoles are more expensive, they offer a cleaner look and added security. The halyard is only accessible through a door, locked with a key or winch. Freight charges apply to this type of flagpole.

Nautical flagpole: A flagpole that is equipped with yardarms and/or a gaff. Freight charges apply to this kind of flagpole.

Sectional flagpoles: This type of flagpole is an affordable alternative to external halyard flagpoles because most of them ship for free. They are not recommended for high-wind areas, but can be disassembled to prevent damage to flagpole and surrounding area.

Telescoping flagpoles: The fact that these poles can quickly be shortening in case of inclement weather make them an economical option for high-wind areas.

Not all flagpoles are included in our free shipping program.  Read the product and category description pages for details.