Indoor Flag Sets

Our Indoor Flag Sets category offers a range of exceptional flag sets that elevate any indoor space, bringing the symbol of patriotism and national unity into your environment. Whether for a courtroom, office, or personal use, these flag sets embody the highest standards of quality, design, and craftsmanship. Transform your space into a beacon of devotion with these unparalleled symbols of patriotism.

  • The Indoor American Flag is a rectangular nylon flag with 13 sewn stripes alternating red and white and 50 embroidered white stars. The flag includes a sleeve opening to fit an indoor flagpole and gold fringe, decorative thread, around the border of the flag on three sides.

    Indoor American Flag (Fully Sewn)

    The Indoor American Flag is an elegant way to present the national symbol of freedom. The U.S. Flag code mandates that the flag be displayed in every public institution's main administration building, every polling place on election days, and schools...
  • The inside display pole is made of oak with a gold-plated eagle on top. An inset photo shows the gold-plated connection between the pole's two parts. The base is gold-colored. This image contains a flagpole, stand, and accessories, but no flag.

    Indoor Display Flagpole w/ Eagle

    The Eagle Indoor Display Flagpole is made out of brown oak wood. At the top is a gold-plated eagle decoration. The pole is made of two pieces that screw together at the center, making for easy storage and transport. The base is made of styrene and can be...