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Indoor Flag Sets

  • The American Indoor Display Flag set has a two-piece oak pole that sits in a gold stand with a gold eagle adorned on the top. The American flag with gold fringe hangs from the pole while a gold cord and tassel is draped atop the flag. The American Flag is a rectangular nylon flag with 13 sewn stripes alternating red and white and 50 embroidered white stars. The flag includes a sleeve opening to fit an indoor flagpole and gold fringe, decorative thread, around the border of the flag on three sides.

    American Indoor Flag Display

    The indoor display set consists of a polished two-piece oak pole that sits in a styrene unweighted floor stand, an American fringed flag, a decorative 7” aluminum eagle, and a gold cord and tassel. The flag included in our display set is our nylon Indoor...

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  • Indoor Display Pole w/ Eagle

    Indoor Display Pole w/ Eagle

    This Indoor Display Pole w/ Eagle is not complete without an indoor American flag! 2 piece oak pole with a brass joint Gold plated eagle Gold cord and tassel Gold finish floor stand  Suggested flags for pole heights: Pole...

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