Residential Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Outdoor Tangle-Free & Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Attach your favorite flag to your house with an off-the-house flagpole. Our most popular flagpoles come with tangle-free technology to keep your flag flying free and proud.

What is Tangle-Free technology? 
The tangle-free poles are our BESTSELLERS! It’s not uncommon for house-mounted flags to get twisted up in wind, and when this happens, old glory looks anything but. Help keep your flag from getting tangled and damaged with our Free Spin Flagpoles. These flagpoles have internal ball bearings that allow the top half of the flagpole to rotate with your flag as it twirls. This will help your flag fall back to its natural hanging position.

What type of flagpole adornment should you choose? 
According to flag etiquette, only an American flag should fly on a flagpole adorned by an eagle. Why? The Bald Eagle is our national bird, national emblem, and is featured prominently on many official government documents such as stamps, coins, and paper currency. 
Fun fact: the eagle was made into the official United States emblem in 1787. The majestic bird is representative of ideals that are uniquely American such as freedom, independence, loyalty, and a boundless spirit. 

Take care of your new flagpole! Polyester or fringed flags should not be flown on these outdoor poles.

We offer a variety of house mounted flagpoles. Our best selling poles are the free spin poles that have tangle-free technology built in, so a non-furling device is not needed. Make sure to add a bracket to your order so you can wave your pride high from your house!