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Portable Flagpoles

Portable Flagpoles

These mobile flagpoles are great for parades, tailgating, sports events, and home use. They are made of lightweight aluminum making them easy to transport anywhere you need to be. These flagpoles-to-go are collapsible and adjustable in height, making set up and dismantling a breeze.  The poles are able to hold a number of flags up to size 3' x 5', which is great for showing off your team spirit! These flagpoles are a must-have for any sports lover!

  • Ground Display Pole

    Ground Display Pole

    This Ground Display Pole can be placed in the ground outside your establishment and conveniently taken in during the nighttime or at the first sign of  bad weather.   Also great for real estate agents who need to put up temporary flags...

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  • The collapsible aluminum Flagpole To Go is attached to its flagpole ground mount or wheel stand. The stand is carefully positioned under the tire of an SUV, which firmly holds it into place. Attached to the flagpole is a red, white, and blue American flag. Hanging below that flag is a checkered black and white flag with a red stripe running horizontally across its center. In the stripe is black text reading “RACING”.

    Flagpole To Go

    This flagpole is collapsible and made of lightweight silver aluminum to ensure portability. Put it in your trunk or pickup truck bed for easy transportation, and set it up to display your flag at rallies, races, outdoor conventions, tailgating, camping,...

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  • Aluminum Pole

    Aluminum Pole

    For use by America's color guards and marching bands, these poles are two-piece, constructed of strong aluminum tubing, with rich anodized finish in your choice of gold or silver. Special features include tight-fitting invisible joints and...

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  • Multiple photos are included. On the right is the primary photo, with the 19’ telescoping flagpole inserted in the included wheel stand, which is safely parked under a car’s tire. An American flag hangs off the flagpole. In the top left of this image is a small photo with an arrow pointing to the top of the flagpole, showing a zoomed-in detail photo of the golden aluminum ball capping the flagpole. In the bottom left corner is a detail photo with the flag with a banner, showing off the included 3’ banner arm.

    Multi-Use 19' Telescoping Flagpole

    This lightweight aluminum telescoping flagpole is great for travel! It’s easy as a press of a button to extend or retract this flagpole for transportation. Put it in your trunk or truck bed to bring along with you to display your flag at RV parks,...

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  • Aluminum Wheel Stand

    Aluminum Wheel Stand

    This aluminum wheel stand is used for poles with up to 1 1/4" diameter. It collapses to just 2" tall for easy storage. Constructed of lightweight aluminum with a high performance enamel coating to prevent oxidizing. Set screw locks pole firmly into place...

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  • This silver Aluminum Wheel Stand is made for a car tire to drive directly onto it to stabilize portable telescoping flagpoles.

    Large Aluminum Wheel Stand

    If you're looking for a way to display your telescoping flagpole, then the Large Aluminum Wheel Stand is the way to go. This aluminum wheel stand is used for poles with up to 2 1/2" diameter. It collapses to just 2" tall for easy storage...

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