Indoor Flagpoles

Indoor Flagpoles, Parts, and Accessories

These indoor presentation sets are great for businesses, religious organizations, military offices, and schools. They range in height from 7' to 12' and there are a variety of ornaments to chose from to complete your display set! All the information you need to make your purchase is on this page for convenience. If you have any questions regarding indoor flagpoles, parts, or accessories, call us at 1-800-858-8776 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5 EST or contact us by email. 

Our indoor mounting set includes:
  • Floor stand
  • 2 piece polished oak pole
  • Choice of ornament
  • Gold cord and tassels
 Suggested flags for pole heights:
Pole Height Flag Suggestion
7' or 8' 3' x 5' w/ sleeve & fringe
9' 4' x 6' w/ sleeve & fringe
12' 5' x 8' w/ sleeve & fringe

Only fringed flags are to be used with these poles, which are sold separately. The height of the ceiling must be 1 foot taller than the flagpole. Flag etiquette dictates that an eagle ornament is to be displayed with an American flag. This ornament is not permitted for use with other flags.