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American Flags

American Flags

All our United States flags are made in the USA. The materials used are domestic in origin and all processes of their assembly were completed in USA facilities with USA labor.


Flag Terminology

Printed vs Fully Sewn Flag ConstructionA printed flag is an image that is printed on to the nylon material. A sewn flag is made by joining the individual pieces of the 13 stripes with thread.

Chain vs Lock Stitch Construction: A chain stitched flag works like any chain, if you break one link, the entire chain breaks.  That won’t happen with a lock stitched flag.

Flag SizeTo ensure you choose the right USA flag size, here is a chart to determine the right flag for your pole

NylonThe nylon material is lightweight and durable, making this our most popular flag. – MOST POPULAR

Polyester The polyester material looks cotton-like and is a heavier weight than the nylon. It is recommended for high wind areas because it can withstand more abuse. – BEST FOR HIGH WINDS

The cotton flag is commonly used for ceremonies where the flag is not displayed outside for a long period of time. The 5 x 9½ size American flag is used to drape over a casket. – VINTAGE STYLE

G-SPEC Flag: The G-SPEC flag is for use by the U.S. federal government. The sizes are made to the official government hoist fly ratio of 1:1.9. The star fields are larger and they are mostly purchased for display at military bases.

Header vs. Sleeve: Header vs. Sleeve refers to the finish of the flag. Learn the difference between a flag header and sleeve. 


The flags below may come in different sizes and materials. If you have any questions, call us at 800-858-8776 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 ET or contact us by email.


  • 3 by 5 foot printed American flag with a canvas header and brass grommets.

    Outdoor American Flag (Printed)

    Our most affordable, outdoor residential American flag!  In these tough times, it's easy to feel like we are all alone. But when we come together and help each other, we can get through anything. That's what the American flag represents: unity and...

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  • The Government specified America flag is rectangular and has a bold, dark blue rectangle in the upper left corner with 50 bright white large embroidered stars. To the right and below the blue rectangle, are 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes, starting with a red stripe. Canvas header and brass grommets on the left for attaching it to a pole.

    G-SPEC American Flag (Fully Sewn)

    You’ve made it to the G-SPEC American flag! This means you are either a member of the US Armed Forces, work for the government, or you like the look of this government specification flag rather than the Outdoor American Flag.  The G SPEC US...

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  • The Indoor American Flag is a rectangular nylon flag with 13 sewn stripes alternating red and white and 50 embroidered white stars. The flag includes a sleeve opening to fit an indoor flagpole and gold fringe, decorative thread, around the border of the flag on three sides.

    Indoor American Flag (Fully Sewn)

    The Indoor American Flag is an elegant way to present the national symbol of freedom. The U.S. Flag code mandates that the flag be displayed in every public institution's main administration building, every polling place on election days, and schools...

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  • An American garden flag featuring red and white stripes, a blue union, and 50 white stars.

    American Garden Flag (Fully Sewn)

    Want to show off your love for the USA but don’t have room for a large flagpole? Try our American Garden Flag. These garden flags are an excellent way to show off your country pride. Fly it on your lawn, garden, or mailbox for all your neighbors...

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  • This is a red, white, and blue American flag for windows. There are 2 suction cups, 1 on both of the top corners of the flag. US Window Flag

    US Window Flag

    Let your patriotism show at home or in your car with the window flag! This flag sports the iconic stars and stripes with its vibrant red, white, and blue so you can flaunt your patriotic pride to the whole neighborhood. It is made in America with a...

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  • The funeral American flag has a vintage style, matched with brass grommets and a canvas header.

    American Flag for Funerals

    The United States of America is built on the freedom and security provided by our heroes. Whether veterans, law enforcement officers, or firefighters, their selfless sacrifices make our nation great. To honor the memories and lives of our fallen heroes,...

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