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American Flags

American Flags

All our American flags are made in the USA. The materials used are domestic in origin and all processes of their assembly were completed in USA facilities with USA labor.


Which USA Flag is Right for YOU?

Printed vs Fully Sewn Flag: A printed flag is an image that is printed on to the nylon material. A sewn flag is made by joining the individual pieces of colored fabric with thread.

Chain vs Lock Stitch: A chain stitched flag works like any chain, if you break one link, they entire chain breaks.  That won’t happen with a lock stitched flag. Learn more about the power of the lock-stitch here!

G-SPEC Flag: The G-SPEC flag is for use by the U.S. federal government. The sizes are made to the official government hoist fly ratio of 1:1.9. The star fields are larger and they are mostly purchased for display at military bases.

Flag Size: To ensure you choose the right USA flag size, here is a chart to determine the right flag for your pole

Nylon: The nylon material is lightweight and durable, making this our most popular flag.

Polyester:  The polyester material looks cotton-like and is a heavier weight than the nylon. It is recommended for high wind areas because it can withstand more abuse.

The cotton flag is commonly used for ceremonies where the flag is not displayed outside for a long period of time. The 5 x 9½ size American flag is commonly used to drape a casket.

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