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Outdoor American Flag (Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched)

The USA flag features a blue union in the upper left corner with 50 white stars. The rest of the flag has 13 red and white alternating stripes.
Nylon American flag flying on an outdoor flagpole 30' tall on a sunny fall day in Omaha.
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The USA flag features a blue union in the upper left corner with 50 white stars. The rest of the flag has 13 red and white alternating stripes.
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We know why you’re here. You’re on the hunt for American flags that are bold, durable, and above all… MADE IN AMERICA. Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our US flags are manufactured right here in the United States. We supply flags constructed from nylon, polyester, and cotton; please read on to determine which material is right for you. 

All of our outdoor American-made flags are constructed from high-quality materials and designed to withstand sun, dirt, and moisture. Because these flags are reinforced with lock-stitching, our products have proven to perform better than other American flags for sale. We pride ourselves on offering fully sewn, lock-stitched, exceptional American-made flags.

Nylon Outdoor American Flags - MOST POPULAR

Nylon is a lightweight, quick-drying material, which makes it great for general, everyday flying. We highly recommend using nylon flags for all residential and commercial fair-weather zones. Our nylon USA flags are available in various sizes, from small American flags of 12” x 18” to the gigantic 30’ x 60’, all made in America! The standard flag size of 3’ x 5’ fits most flagpoles up to 20’ tall, and for taller poles, we have created a table to help you figure out which flag size best suits your needs. If you're planning to fly your new flag from our 6' tangle-free flagpole, please note that instead of a halyard system, you can attach the flag using a pair of plastic flag rings.

Polyester Outdoor American Flags - BEST FOR HIGH WINDS

These heavy-duty USA flags are built for mariners, sea breezes, and TOUGH weather. Our two-ply polyester flag can withstand high winds and daily use in rough environments. Keep in mind that it's "heavy" duty, so it's too heavy for a house-mounted flagpole. 

Cotton Outdoor American Flags - VINTAGE STYLE

A cotton American flag is commonly used for ceremonies where the flag is not displayed outside for an extended period of time. Our 5’ x 9.5’ cotton flag is designed to drape over a casket.

All Outdoor American Flags Come With:

  • 13 sewn stripes
  • 50 embroidered stars
  • Reinforced lock stitching - the most durable stitch on the market
  • UV protection 

Are you looking for a mounting alternative to grommets or nylon rope? Check out our outdoor American flag finished with a pole sleeve.

Standard with Larger Flags:

  • Nylon rope instead of grommets: 8’ x 12’ flags and larger
  • Galvanized thimbles: 8’ x 12’ flags and larger
  • Extra stitching on fly end corners: 8’ x 12’ flags and larger
  • Appliquéd stars: 15’ x 25’ flags and larger

It’s time to get your patriot pride on! Order your premium outdoor US flag today, and make your neighbors jealous tomorrow!

Why are Flags at Half Mast/Staff Today?

To receive nationwide and state-specific half-staff alerts, please sign up for our notices, available as an email or SMS message.

When is Flag Day?

Flag Day, a national holiday created to celebrate the American flag, takes place each year on June 14th. We provide a free downloadable calendar to stay up-to-date with Flag Day and all other flag-flying holidays.

How Many Stars Are on the American Flag?

The current flag of the United States features 50 stars, each representing a unique state. A star is added to the flag when a new state is admitted to the union.

How Many Stripes Are on the American Flag?

There are 13 stripes on the flag, each of which represents one of the original colonies of the United States, which are: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

What Do the Colors of the American Flag Mean?

The United States flag only contains three colors: red, blue, and white. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor, blue represents justice and perseverance, and white is for purity and idealism. Learn more about the American flag’s symbolism by checking out our blog

History of the American Flag

The first national flag of the United States is often considered to be the Grand Union flag, which was first used in 1775 by members of the Continental Navy. The first flag with stars was adopted in 1777 when the Second Continental Congress created the Flag Resolution. The resolution decreed that the flag of the United States would have a blue union with 13 stars next to 13 alternating red and white stripes. However, the placement of the stars within the canton was not set, so several different designs were used, such as the iconic Betsy Ross flag

As new states continued to join the union, stars would be added to the flag’s canton, but Congress would not formalize this process until 1818. The last significant change to the American flag was the addition of two more stars in 1960. Alaska and Hawaii achieved statehood in 1959, and their admission created the 50-star flag we know today.

What size flag do you need? Check our flag size vs. flagpole height chart

For information on how long your flag should last and how to increase its lifespan, check out our blog on flag care

Are you interested in learning about the US Flag Code and practicing good flag etiquette? Check out one of our blog posts about proper flag display.

Please contact us if you have questions about our flags or need help deciding which material is the best option. We’d love to help!

Other Details

Motto: "In God We Trust"
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Language(s): None
Currency: United States Dollar $
Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag Meaning: The 13 stripes represents the 13 original colonies and the 50 stars stands for the 50 states. The red is for valor, white symbolizes liberty, and the blue stands for justice.