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Outdoor American Flag (Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched)

All of our Outdoor American Flags (Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched) have:
  • 13 sewn stripes representing the original 13 colonies
  • 50 embroidered stars representing every state in the union
  • Reinforced lock stitching, making them the most durable flags sold
  • UV protection to prolong the life of the vibrant colors
8' x 12' flags and larger have:
  • A nylon rope and galvanized thimbles instead of a canvas header
  • Extra stitching on the corners of the fly end
10' x 19' flags and larger have:
  • Appliqued stars

Flag Size: To ensure you choose the right flag size, here is a chart to determine the right flag for your pole

Which Material is Right for YOU?

Nylon: The nylon material is lightweight and durable, making this our most popular flag.
Polyester:  The polyester material looks cotton-like and is a heavier weight than the nylon. It is recommended for high wind areas because it can withstand more abuse.
Cotton: The cotton flag cannot get wet since this fiber is great at absorbing water.  This creates a mildewy and a limp flag.
It is used for draping over a casket and is commonly used for ceremonies where the flag is not displayed outside for a long period of time. 



United States
Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched
30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty