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6' Tangle Free Flagpole w/ Ball

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A wall-mounted flagpole is shown vertically on a white background. At the top is a golden ball ornament.
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Flag getting all tangled up in the wind can be frustrating. Enjoy tangle-free flying with this flagpole, which features a built-in ‘free-spinning’ top section that moves with the flag. This 6-foot flagpole is an excellent fit for nylon flags sized 3’ x 5’ and under with a header and grommets or for decorative house flags with a pole sleeve. The pole is rustproof aluminum and has a golden metallic ball ornament at the top. We offer our residential flagpole in two different colors, silver and white. 

For instructions on how to install this free-spinning flagpole, please download our instructional booklet below.

Why Buy a Tangle-Free Flag Pole?

It is not uncommon for flags to become wrapped around regular poles during strong winds. A tangle-free pole, also known as a spinning pole, is designed so that the flag can fly without getting tangled. The top half of the rod is free-spinning, which can rotate with the flag’s movements, and then let the flag hang down in its usual position once the wind passes. You’ll never have to spend time unwrapping your flag from its pole again!

What’s Included in this Flagpole Kit?

  • 2-piece aluminum flagpole (1” diameter, 6’ length)
  • Golden ball on top of flagpole
  • Two (2) clear plastic rings and screws for flying flags with grommets
  • A metal clip at the top of the pole for securing banners with a pole sleeve

What’s Not Included?

We offer a bracket that will match your pole color as an optional add-on. The adjustable bracket can display poles in vertical or horizontal positions or at 25°, 50°, and 65°.

Please note: This home flagpole is not wind-rated and must be taken down during inclement weather conditions or extreme winds. This pole isn’t designed to fly polyester or fringed indoor flags. Your flagpole should be installed in a location where your flag can’t catch on external elements such as trees or a roof.