States Flags

State and Territory Flags

State & territory flags are made in America of heavyweight nylon or polyester. Most are precisely printed in colorfast colors unless stated otherwise on the product page. State flags range from 4" x 6" to 6' x 10'; some are available in 12' x 18'. Territories range from 4" x 6" to 5' x 8', and few are available in 6' x 10'.

Outdoor state & territory flags have a canvas header with two brass grommets. Designed to fly on a flagpole or hang on a wall, these outdoor flags are multi-purpose.

Flags finished with a sleeve and fringe can be used for display indoors or during parades. They have a lined nylon pole sleeve and golden-yellow fringe around the other three sides. They include velcro tabs inside the sleeves to keep the flag in place. Any flag with a gold fringe cannot be flown outside or it will get ruined!

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