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Cars & Motorcycles

These flags are perfect for parades or other civil events. Keep in mind that you shouldn't drive at any speed over parade speed with your flag attached to your automobile.

  • A shiny 12" x 18" American flag flying on a white plastic stick. At the bottom of the stick is a white plastic lip for mounting on top of the car window so you can roll the window up and the flag and pole will stay in place while driving.

    American Car Flag

    Each American auto window flag comes complete with 11" x 14" polyester US two ply flag mounted on a white high-tech space age plastic one piece bracket. This small American flag for your car or truck is double sided and thick to withstand high winds. Car...

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  • Magnetic Auto Fender Set

    Magnetic Auto Fender Set

    This Magnetic Auto Fender Set is perfect for use in parades! Made in America 18" polished aluminum staff Stainless steel magnetic base Chrome plated ornament 8" x 12" US flag* *To complete the set, a US flag can be purchased for an additional...

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  • Auto Fender US Flag

    Auto Fender US Flag

    This flag can be used on the Magnetic Auto Fender Set or the Claw Bracket Auto Fender. See sizes below. Made in America 100% polyester Finished with sleeve & gold fringe 8" x 12" - Magnetic Auto Fender Set 12" x 18" - Claw Bracket Auto Fender...

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  • Claw Bracket Auto Fender Set

    Claw Bracket Auto Fender Set

    Use this Claw Bracket Auto Fender Set as you drive through a parade! Made in America 26" aluminum staff Cast aluminum claw (bracket attaches to lip of fender) Chrome plated ornament 12" x 18" US flag* *To complete the set, a US flag can be...

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