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Classroom Flags


  • Silky polyester American stick flag in its matching black plastic base. Silky polyester American stick flag in its matching black plastic base.

    American Classic Stick Flags

    Mini American stick flags are affordable, versatile, and essential. Having a flag on a stick allows you to show off your patriotism anywhere. You can wave them at a parade, festival, or protest and be proud to know they are made in America. Special...

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  • Small aluminum bracket for mounting classroom flags

    Bracket for Classroom Flags

    Elevate your classroom and proudly display your flag with this mounting bracket. This piece is made with durable yet lightweight aluminum to keep flags sturdy. It displays flags at a 45-degree angle, making them a centerpiece for the room. Tools are...

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  • US Classroom Banner hangs vertically from a golden-colored pole with a gold-colored tassel.

    U.S. Classroom Banner

    Are you a teacher looking for classroom decor to brighten up your homeroom? The US Classroom Banner will be a great addition to this school year's learning environment.  This banner is designed to be displayed in classrooms and schools. They are...

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  • Polyester American stick flag held up by a black staff and base.

    American Flag Desk Set

    Decorate your home or office desk with this patriotic piece. These desk sets add a dash of sophistication and are a great centerpiece for any office or conference table. This office décor, made in America, features a black plastic staff and base,...

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  • Small American desk flag with gold fringes attached to a wooden staff. The base has a golden eagle.

    American Executive Desk Set

    Add a touch of national pride to your home or work office with this desk accessories set. This patriotic office decor features a captivating flag, staff, and base that will elevate your executive desk and work environment. The American flag is vividly...

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  • Small American flag with gold fringes, held up by a wooden staff and golden-colored base

    US Envoy Desk Set

    Put your patriotism on full display with this charming desk decor. It can be a great centerpiece, whether you place it in your home, classroom, or work office. This set features a bold 4” x 6” polyester American flag with gold fringe, cord,...

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    Transparent crystal card holder that holds a small US flag with a thin black staff

    Crystal Business Card Holder

    Add a patriotic flair to your office desk decor with this high-quality crystal business card holder.  This set is made in the USA and makes a memorable centerpiece for any office. It consists of an elegant crystal base, a 4” x 6” US...

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