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Classroom Flags


  • Silky polyester American stick flag. The U.S. Stick flag features 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle and 50 white stars in the upper left-hand corner. The flag is mounted on a black staff, and a gold spear sits at the top. Silky polyester American stick flag in it's matching black plastic base.

    American Classic Stick Flags

    Mini American stick flags are affordable, versatile, and essential. They allow you to show off your patriotism anywhere. You can wave them at a parade or put them in your hair at a festival and be proud to know they are made in America. Special occasions...

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  • US Classroom Banner hangs vertically from a golden colored pole with a gold colored tassel.

    U.S. Classroom Banner

    The U.S. Classroom Banner is specifically design to be displayed in classrooms and schools. Made in America Silk-like polyester flag Gold cord with tassels

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  • American Executive Desk Set

    American Executive Desk Set

    Add this American Executive Desk Set to your office decor!  Made in America 12" x 18" silk-like polyester flag with gold fringe 18" wooden staff with walnut finish and gold plated spearhead ornament 5" square base, walnut finished...

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  • US Envoy Desk Set

    US Envoy Desk Set

    Display your patriotic pride on your desk with the US Envoy Desk Set! Included: 4" x 6" silk-like polyester American flag with gold fringe, cord and tassels, mounted on a brass finish staff with a spearhead ornament. Mounted on a heavy non-tip...

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