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Classroom Flags

Classroom Flags

  • American Classic Stick Flags

    American Classic Stick Flags

    Give a child one of these flags and they'll be happy for hours or display them on your desk. Made in America Black plastic staff Gold Ball on 4" x 6" cotton, Gold Spear on all others Flags are hemmed on the sides to prevent fraying The 4" x 6"...

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  • U.S. Classroom Banner

    The U.S. Classroom Banner is specifically design to be displayed in classrooms and schools. Made in America Silk-like polyester flag Gold cord with tassels

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  • US Envoy Desk Set

    Display your patriotic pride on your desk with the US Envoy Desk Set! Included: 4" x 6" silk-like polyester American flag with gold fringe, cord and tassels, mounted on a brass finish staff with a spearhead ornament. Mounted on a heavy non-tip...

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