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This garden flag features a pink patterned ribbon in front of a solid black background.

Hope Love Cure Garden Flag

Show your support for those who have fought, or continue to fight breast cancer with this boldly patterned garden flag. The Hope Love Cure Garden Flag is a great addition to any home for...
A wall-mounted flagpole is shown vertically on a white background. At the top is a golden ball ornament.

6' Tangle Free Flagpole w/ Ball

Flag getting all tangled up in the wind can be frustrating. Enjoy tangle-free flying with this flagpole, which features a built-in ‘free-spinning’ top section that moves with the flag. This 6-foot...

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The Buddhism flag has 6 vertical bands of blue, yellow, red, white, and orange. The 6th band has all 5 colors. The flag has a gold fringe.

Buddhist Flag with Gold Fringe

Bring the symbol of Buddhism into your temple or monastery with a formal Buddhist flag. These flags are American-made with 100% nylon and 3 sides of elegant gold fringe. Attach this flag using its...
The Episcopal flag with fringe has a red cross on a white field and a blue rectangle with 9 crosses in an X-shape in the upper left.

Episcopal Flag with Gold Fringe

If you’re looking to display or hang your Episcopal Church flag indoors, our sleeve and gold fringe option is an excellent fit! This USA-crafted flag captures the essence of tradition and respect,...
Israel’s flag has two horizontal blue stripes with a Star of David in between on a white background. There is gold fringe around 3 borders.

Israel Flag with Gold Fringe

Add a touch of prestige and heritage to your indoor setting with our top-quality Israeli Flag featuring elegant gold fringe. Excellent for government buildings, synagogues, and auditoriums, this flag...

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A white braided polyester rope that is wrapped around a spool.


You’ve made it to the halyard product page, so either you need to replace the rope on your flagpole or you had no idea what the heck halyard was and clicked to find out. Luckily, we can help with...
An array of 4" x 6" international stick in black plastic bases.

International Stick Flags

These American-made international stick flags are great for displaying anywhere you want to celebrate a favorite country, show off your heritage or support a sports team. Select from our expansive...

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