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A white braided polyester rope that is wrapped around a spool.
1/4" halyard (far left), 5/16" halyard (center), 3/8" halyard (far right)
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A white braided polyester rope that is wrapped around a spool.
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You’ve made it to the halyard product page, so either you need to replace the rope on your flagpole or you had no idea what the heck halyard was and clicked to find out. Luckily, we can help with both! Halyard, also known as flagpole rope, is used on a majority of in-ground flagpoles to attach your flag to the pole. 12" x 18" - 4' x 6' flags are hooked on to snaps (or flag clips) that are fastened to the halyard with a knot. To learn more, check out the instructions. For larger flags you'll need zinc snaps.

Our halyard is made from durable braided polyester that can withstand winds and other bad weather conditions. If you are unsure of how much you need, just double the height of your flagpole. 

You might be wondering what width your halyard is right for your flagpole. Most external in-ground flagpoles use 5/16”, making it the most popular width. If you have a sectional flagpole, you should use the ¼” width. Larger flagpoles, 80 feet or taller, should use ⅜”. If you are unsure which halyard width to purchase, give us a call 800-858-8776 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Halyard is sold by the foot and is not returnable once it has been cut.