External Halyard

Inground External Halyard Flagpoles

External Halyard Flagpole ImageOur in-ground external halyard flagpoles are great for commercial and residential use. This type of flagpole features a rope that goes from the truck at the top of the flagpole to the cleat where it is secured. External halyard ropes are made of diamond-braided polyester. This pole also has an exposed pulley. They are made of tapered aluminum and are available from heights of 20' to 80'. The size and number of the flags that can be flown from your flagpole depends on the height. To select the right size flag(s) for your flagpole, see our Flag Size vs. Flagpole Height Chart. These flagpoles are wind-rated, making them a great yard flag pole option as the are designed to be safely flown in areas that have high winds. To determine the right flagpole for the winds in your area, see our Wind Chart. These flagpoles are non-returnable, unless damaged. For all other questions, view our Flagpole FAQ page.

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