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Tangle-Free Flagpoles

Flags getting all tangled up in the wind can be frustrating. Enjoy tangle-free flying with this flagpole, which features a built-in ‘free-spinning’ top section that moves with the flag.
A tangle-free flagpole with an American flag


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Outdoor Flagpoles

Add curb appeal to your home or draw customers to your business with a flagpole! Whether you want to fly the American flag, honor your home state’s flag, or show support for your favorite sports team, an outdoor flagpole is necessary for the job. At, we carry a wide range of flagpole designs for residential and commercial flag-flying.

Outdoor Flagpole Types

  • Wall-mounted: We carry wall-mounted residential flagpoles and commercial options. Commercial models offer higher height ranges to stand out on your building. Wall-mounted flag poles are an excellent option when you lack the space for in-ground models or want to add a certain aesthetic quality to your home or building.

  • Sectional: A sectional flagpole is made of metal parts that can be easily disassembled and works well as a yard flag pole or for light commercial applications. Choose from flagpoles ranging from 20 to 25 feet.

  • Telescoping: Rather than connecting parts as you would for a sectional flagpole, telescoping flagpoles extend and collapse with a twisting joint or the press of a button. A telescoping flagpole is adjustable and can range anywhere from 15 to 25 feet.

  • Nautical: Nautical flagpoles are designed to look like a ship's mast with a horizontal bar. These flagpoles are excellent for commercial use, and the horizontal pole allows you to hang additional flags.

  • Internal halyard: These deluxe flagpoles with an internal halyard design have a winch mounted inside the flag pole shaft. This mechanism allows you to raise and lower the flag with a removable crank handle.

  • External halyard: External halyard flagpoles have a truck at the top and a cleat at the bottom to secure the rope. An exposed pulley allows you to raise and lower the flag by pulling on the halyard. Internal and external halyard systems are both excellent for an in-ground residential flagpole.

  • Portable: From sporting events to parades, portable flagpoles are collapsible and lightweight for ease of transport.

Flagpole Parts and Accessories

In addition to our wide variety of flagpole types, we carry the parts and flagpole accessories you need to support your outdoor flag pole. Find parts such as mounting brackets and toppers, like our popular flagpole ball and flagpole eagle. We also offer solar lights for lighting up your flags at night. If you plan to keep your American flag up at night, a light is required by the US Flag Code. Lastly, we carry durable polyester halyard rope for replacing old and worn halyards.

Need Help Deciding?

In-ground flagpoles are permanent structures that can last for decades, so choosing the right pole for the job is essential. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the factors you should consider when planning your flagpole installation.

With our flagpole types and parts, you can find everything you need to proudly display an American flag and any other flag that is important to you. Browse our options today, and get in touch with us if you need assistance finding the right flagpole for your needs.


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