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Territory Stick Flags

Territory flags are available in both the 4" x 6" and the 8" x 12" sizes, just as the state stick flags are sold. Select from various bases to display them separately, together, or as a combination of all that you're looking to represent. 

  • A walnut wood base with 1, 2, and 3 holes. A black plastic base with 5 and 7 holes. A black wood base with 10 holes.

    4" x 6" Stick Flag Base

    These stick flag bases are crafted in America with quality materials and designed to fit 4” x 6” stick flags. They come in walnut wood, black-painted wood, and black styrene (plastic).  With these bases, you can fit up to 10 flags. We...

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  • A black-colored wooden base, one with 1 hole and the other with 2 holes.

    8" x 12" Stick Flag Base

    Use these bases to hold up your favorite hand-held flags to decorate your desks and tabletops. Our high-quality black-finished wooden bases are designed and made in the United States to fit 8” x 12” flags.  Be sure to browse our...

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  • Small brackets with two holes to hold small flags Dual Angle Quick Stick Flag Bracket

    Dual Angle Quick Stick Flag Bracket

    Enhance the look of your home by attaching this bracket to your mailbox.  This American-made hardware is backed with a 3M double-sided adhesive, strong enough to adhere to most surfaces firmly. No tools are required, so installation is...

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  • Territory Stick Flags

    Territory Stick Flags

    Showcase the U.S. territories with these Territory Stick Flags! Made in America 100% polyester 4"x 6" stick flag has a 10.5" plastic staff  8" x 12" stick flag has a 20" wood staff  Gold painted spear *BASES SOLD SEPARATELY  (Sizes are...

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  • Thin wood flag base painted black with a small hole in the middle.

    12" x 18" Stick Flag Base

    Display your hand-held flag proudly. Bases are essential to help stick flags stand on their own.  These black-painted wood bases can display up to two 12" x 18" flags. We offer a variety of stick flags to fit into these bases so you can choose the...

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