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G-SPEC American Flag (Fully Sewn)

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United States
Fully Sewn & Lock Stitched

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The Government specified America flag is rectangular and has a bold, dark blue rectangle in the upper left corner with 50 bright white large embroidered stars. To the right and below the blue rectangle, are 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes, starting with a red stripe. Canvas header and brass grommets on the left for attaching it to a pole.
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You’ve made it to the G-SPEC American flag! This means you are either a member of the US Armed Forces, work for the government, or you like the look of this government specification flag rather than the Outdoor American Flag

The G SPEC US Flag was produced due to an executive order by the government that dictated the fly to hoist (length to width) ratio, the diameter of the stars, and the width of the stripes on the American flag in 1958. The order governs only flags that are displayed by the United States federal government. You can find these exact specifications in Title 4 of the United States Code, also known as the US Flag Code.

The G-SPEC cotton American flag is a heavy material that is mostly used for military funerals or inside displays. The cotton flag is not recommended for outdoor use because the color fades and the material wears faster under outdoor conditions than other materials.

G-SPEC American Flags 

  • Strong canvas header
  • Sewn stripes
  • Extra-large embroidered stars
  • Made in America
  • Cotton or Nylon
  • G SPEC flag dimensions