The Fight Against Non-American Made Flags

In January, a consumer contacted FMAA regarding an American flag he had purchased on Amazon from a company called VSVO. The flag he received carried the FMAA certification label and he wanted to make sure that FMAA had certified this company's products.

An FMAA member then purchased one of these flags and it also arrived bearing the FMAA certification label. After a little online research, it was confirmed that VSVO is incorporated and manufactures in China. VSVO is not a member of FMAA and FMAA has certainly not certified their flags as being made in the USA.

VSVO's use of the FMAA certification label was a blatant trademark infringement and was misleading consumers, so FMAA retained an attorney to send a cease and desist letter to VSVO. The letter demanded that VSVO cease selling products with any reference to FMAA, threatening a lawsuit if they did not immediately comply.

VSVO's response denied every allegation FMAA made against them and requested that FMAA provide more details. FMAA sent them photographic proof and again stated the gravity of VSVO's actions. The attorney also contacted Amazon's fraud prevention unit, while FMAA publicized the situation in their social media posts.

Three other companies have been found to be major sellers of counterfeit flags on Amazon: G128, Anley and Jetlifee. Although they are not using the FMAA seal, they are failing to abide by the Textile Act, which states that all imported products or their packaging must be marked clearly with their country of origin until they reach the final consumer. FMAA's attorney is following up with these companies with letters accompanied by photos and screen shots of their misleading listings and purchases made from them. FMAA has also been working with an FTC attorney regarding this issue.

FMAA will continue to fight against online counterfeit flag dealers who are hurting the US flag industry. Please help us spread the word and educate the American public!

Thanks for your support of the FMAA!
Flag Manufacturers Association of America

Mar 28, 2019 Flag Manufacturers Association of America

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