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9' Tangle Free Flagpole w/ Lawn Socket

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Parts of a 2-piece white 9’ x 1” tangle-free flagpole - including the gold ball ornament, the pole, 2 plastic rings, a metal clip, and the lawn socket. The full pole is shown with an “open” flag attached.
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Our 9' x 1" white-painted aluminum pole is our most versatile free-spinning pole yet! This easily assembled pole comes with two flag fasteners for your grommeted flags. Want to use a sleeved flag? Don't worry, this pole also comes with a snap and swivel ring for flags with a pole sleeve and tab. Not convinced yet? This pole is also engineered to include a built-in "free-spinning" top section to prevent your flag from tangling on the pole. This pole can be a temporary or permanent addition to any lawn with its galvanized steel lawn socket - adding even more versatility. 


A tangle-free pole set, sometimes called a free-spinning pole, is specially designed to allow the flag to spin without much hindrance in the wind. The top half of the pole will rotate with the waving flag. The result of this design is that the flag flies beautifully without purchasing other accessories. You'll never again have to spend time correcting the way your flag is flying. 


  • Two-piece aluminum flagpole 1" in diameter
  • Gold ball
  • Two clear plastic rings with screws for attaching flags with grommets
  • A metal clip at the top of the pole allows you to secure flags with a pole sleeve
  • A lawn socket that will allow you to place the flagpole anywhere in your yard


Polyester or fringed flags should NOT be flown on these outdoor poles.