Sectional Flagpoles

Residential & Commercial In-ground Sectional Flagpoles

American Made Sectional FlagpoleOur in-ground sectional flagpoles are great for residential or light commercial use. They are available in heights from 12' to 25', and they are an affordable yard flag pole option for those on a budget.  Only one 3' x 5' flag is able to be flown on most of these sectional poles. The flagpoles are non-returnable unless they are damaged in transit. Sectional flagpoles are not recommended for high-wind areas, but can be disassembled to prevent damage to flagpole and surrounding area.


  • A ground display pole set featuring all necessary pieces.

    Ground Display Pole

    This Ground Display Pole can be placed in the ground outside your establishment and conveniently taken in during the night time or at the first sign of bad weather. These poles are quick and easy to install and work great for real estate agents who...
  • The top portion of an aluminum flagpole with a gold sphere ornament, truck, and halyard.

    20' Non-Tapered Sectional Flagpole

    Need a pole for your flag that you can assemble and disassemble easily? Try this 20-foot sectional flagpole! These aluminum poles come with a silver anodized finish and are adorned with a gold aluminum ball ornament. Because this pole consists of...
  • The top part of the white 25 ft flagpole is shown, with an external halyard system and topped with a gold ball ornament.

    25' Non-Tapered Aluminum Flagpole (HS25)

    Our 25-foot sectional aluminum flag pole is adaptable and perfect for residential settings. Its radiant silver anodized finish adds to its durability and beauty. Plus, it has a unique safety advantage - it's designed to be disassembled before turbulent...
  • An image displaying all individual parts of a 20-foot Tapered Aluminum Flagpole.

    20' Tapered Aluminum Flagpole (SS20TS)

    Our medium-duty, 20-foot flagpole is great for anyone looking for a permanent residential pole. This pole is made of tapering aluminum and has an external halyard; it is ideal for displaying a traditional flag measuring 3' x 5' in front of a single or...
  • The upper portion of an aluminum non-tapered flagpole with a gold sphere ornament on top. The pole is shown having a truck, and halyard.

    15' Non-Tapered Aluminum Flagpole

    This sectional flagpole is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. These aluminum poles come with a silver anodized finish with a gold aluminum ball ornament on top. Because these poles consist of seamlessly swedged sections, you can disassemble...
  • The top part of the aluminum flag pole with a gold ball ornament at the top. A halyard with a white plastic clip is attached to the pulley.

    10' Non-Tapered Aluminum Flagpole

    Proudly fly a flag outside your home or business using our 10’ aluminum flagpole! This pole is sectional, meaning the swedged parts can be quickly disassembled, which is especially useful during extreme weather conditions.  These aluminum...
  • Parts of a 2-piece white 9’ x 1” tangle-free flagpole - including the gold ball ornament, the pole, 2 plastic rings, a metal clip, and the lawn socket. The full pole is shown with an “open” flag attached.

    9' Tangle Free Flagpole w/ Lawn Socket

    Our 9' x 1" white-painted aluminum pole is our most versatile free-spinning pole yet! This easily assembled pole comes with two flag fasteners for your grommeted flags. Want to use a sleeved flag? Don't worry, this pole also comes with a snap and swivel...
  • 20 Tapered Aluminum Flagpole TH20

    20' Tapered Aluminum Flagpole (TH20)

    This silver anodized 20' sectional tapered ground set aluminum flagpole ships with the following accessories: Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament Cast aluminum truck with pulley Solid braided polypropylene halyard (2) nylon flag snaps Cast...