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These open flags each have three horizontal stripes in a variety of colors with black text reading “Open” in its center. Each open flag also has a canvas header with brass grommets for attachment to flagpoles.
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Do you manage an Italian restaurant? There is a color combo for the ristorante.

Do you have an Irish restaurant? There is a color combo for your eatery.

Do you offer a full range of landscaping & gardening needs? There is a color combo for that.

Do you look like a butterfly and sting like a bee? There is a color combo for you.

These American-made flags are available in a variety of bright colors that are sure to catch the eye. Made out of lightweight, durable nylon, these flags will flap even in gentle breezes. A digital printing process ensures long-lasting color, even in heavy sun, and the nylon construction will dry quickly in rain. You can learn more about the lifespan of a flag from our blog.

A durable canvas header and brass grommets will keep your flags safely and securely attached to an outdoor flagpole. These 100% nylon open flags are available in our best-selling 3’ x 5’ size and are made in America.

Here's the gist...

  • Made in America
  • 3' x 5'
  • 100% nylon
  • Canvas heading
  • Brass grommets