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The collapsible aluminum Flagpole To Go is attached to its flagpole ground mount or wheel stand. The stand is carefully positioned under the tire of an SUV, which firmly holds it into place. Attached to the flagpole is a red, white, and blue American flag. Hanging below that flag is a checkered black and white flag with a red stripe running horizontally across its center. In the stripe is black text reading “RACING”.
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This flagpole is collapsible and made of lightweight silver aluminum to ensure portability. Put it in your trunk or pickup truck bed for easy transportation, and set it up to display your flag at rallies, races, outdoor conventions, tailgating, camping, farmers markets, and much more. The flagpoles collapse to sizes ranging from 41” to 47” for hassle-free stowing.

Pair it with a custom flag with your business logo and you will have an easy, portable method of showing off your branding.

The Flagpole to Go is anodized inside and out to resist rust and corrosion. Its unique clip system allows for height adjustment and locks your flag into place. This flagpole is designed to accommodate our 2’ x 3’ and 3’ x 5’ flags.

Flag weights range from 1/4 lb for the 5' 5" pole to 2.1 lbs for the 20’ flagpole.


An aluminum flagpole to go portable flagpole ground mount for the flagpole to go is available to be purchased for an additional charge. Your new flagpole easily fits into our aluminum wheel stand, which is just as portable as the flagpole itself. Simply park over the flat part of the stand, and it will easily hold your flagpole in place.

The two-piece wheel stand collapses for easy storage and is made of lightweight aluminum with a high-performance enamel coating to resist oxidizing. Set screws lock your flagpole firmly into place.

The wheel stand is most commonly paired with flagpoles 8’ 8” or larger. We do not recommend using smaller flagpoles with the wheel stand. This flagpole is only compatible with the wheel stand and does not fit in adjustable brackets.