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American Flag Indoor Flagpole Kit w/ Gold Fringe

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A US flag with gold fringe is displayed on an upright oak pole and floor stand. An eagle ornament is placed at the top of the pole.
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This indoor US flag display set consists of a polished two-piece oak pole, a styrene unweighted floor stand, an American fringed flag, a decorative 7” aluminum eagle ornament, and a gold cord and tassel. Our display set includes our nylon Indoor American Flag, with sleeve, gold fringe, embroidered stars, and fully sewn stripes; showcasing exceptional attention to detail. Like always, our American flag is made in the United States.

The flag is complemented by a polished two-piece oak pole, available in both brass and chrome finishes. While brass remains a favored choice for many of our customers, we offer chrome finishes for 7’, 8’, and 9’ tall poles, giving you additional versatility in choosing the right look for your setting. The flag display stand may be filled with sand to add extra weight and stability. 

If you're leaning towards the impressive 12’ pole, it is specifically paired with our gold-colored aluminum Admiral AAA stand. This stand is made specifically to fit poles with a diameter of 1 ¼” to 1 ⅜”, perfectly balancing the weight and height. Additionally, the 12’ pole includes a distinctive cast aluminum 11” eagle ornament, elevating the overall look.

To determine which height pole is right for you, measure the ceiling height in the room in which you intend to put the display. To ensure a good fit, we recommend choosing a pole that is at least 1 foot shorter than the height of the ceiling. Please note that the listed pole heights do not include the size of the eagle ornament. 

Display Set Includes

  • 100% Nylon Indoor American Flag
  • 7” Aluminum Eagle Ornament
  • Gold Cord and Tassel
  • Polished Two-Piece Oak Pole
  • Unweighted Floor Stand (Brass or Chrome)

Flagpole and Flag Sizing

Ceiling Height

Pole Height

Flag Size



2 1/2' x 4' w/ sleeve & fringe



3' x 5' w/ sleeve & fringe



3' x 5' w/ sleeve & fringe



4' x 6' w/ sleeve & fringe



5' x 8' w/ sleeve & fringe

Our indoor US flag with stand is an ideal display for courtrooms, government buildings, speeches, places of worship, and schools. It also makes an honorable addition to military ceremonies and funerals.