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Indoor Display Pole w/ Fancy Spear

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A 2-piece indoor flag pole & stand made from oak & brass. The pole is topped with a spear ornament, & a rolled-up cord is shown next to it.
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Do you want to display a formal fringed flag but need the proper setup? Our indoor flag poles are a great way to create an elegant presentation. These high-quality indoor flagpole sets are made of oak wood and brass and come in four different heights. Please see our table below to determine which is the right fit for you. 

This flagpole comes in two parts. This kit comes complete with a fancy spear ornament for use at the top of the pole, a cord and tassel, and a floor stand.

What’s Included?

  • 2-piece oak pole with brass joint
  • Gold styrene fancy spear ornament
  • Gold cord and tassel
  • Gold finish styrene floor stand

Sizing & Flag Recommendations

Pole Height

Pole Width

Flag Size Suggestion

7’ or 8’

1 ¼”

3’ x 5’ with sleeve and fringe


1 ¼”

4’ x 6’ with sleeve and fringe


1 ⅜”

5’ x 8’ with sleeve and fringe

Note: Flags are sold separately. Interested in using a different ornament? Take a look at our other indoor flagpoles.