Inground Telescoping Flagpole

Our inground telescoping flagpoles are great for commercial and residential use. These flagpoles are made of fiberglass or aluminum and available in heights from 15' to 25'.  They raise and lower with a drop of a button or twist of a joint, making them an easily adjustable yard flag pole. These telescoping poles can be displayed year round or used temporarily, making installation and dismantling a breeze. These flagpoles are not wind-rated, therefore they are easily affordable with any budget. The number and size of the flag(s) that can be flown on these poles can be found on their product pages. These flagpoles are non-returnable unless they were damaged in transit.


  • Multiple photos are included. On the right is the primary photo, with the 19’ telescoping flagpole inserted in the included wheel stand, which is safely parked under a car’s tire. An American flag hangs off the flagpole. In the top left of this image is a small photo with an arrow pointing to the top of the flagpole, showing a zoomed-in detail photo of the golden aluminum ball capping the flagpole. In the bottom left corner is a detail photo with the flag with a banner, showing off the included 3’ banner arm.

    Multi-Use 19' Telescoping Flagpole

    This lightweight aluminum telescoping flagpole is great for travel! It’s easy as a press of a button to extend or retract this flagpole for transportation. Put it in your trunk or truck bed to bring along with you to display your flag at RV parks,...
  • The T20 20’ Telescoping Flagpole stands in front of a house with an American flag sitting atop it. In the photo’s foreground is a close-up shot of the top of the flagpole, showing the gold-painted aluminum decorative ball, the flagpole’s polycarbonate cap, and halyard snaps for easy attachment to your flagpole.

    20' Telescoping Flagpole (T20)

    20' TELESCOPING FLAGPOLE FEATURES & CONTENTS Our versatile 20' telescoping flagpole works excellent as a light-duty, all-weather residential flagpole! It's crafted with lightweight aluminum for portability and a PVC foundation sleeve that keeps it...
  • A 25' Telescoping Flagpole in front of a house with an American flag attached. The foreground has a close up of the top of the flagpole.

    25' Telescoping Flagpole (T25)

    Want a flagpole that will look just as good on the go as it does in front of your home or business?  25’ TELESCOPING FLAGPOLE FEATURES & CONTENTS The T25 works first and foremost as an excellent light-duty residential or small commercial...