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Decorative Hardware

Decorative Hardware & Garden Stakes 

  • Two-piece silver aluminum flagpole with a shiny ball.   The flag pole is 1" in diameter and comes equipped  with a hook to attach a flag with a sleeve or 2 flag rings to attach a flag with grommets.

    6' Tangle Free Flagpole w/ Ball

    Our easily assembled (see instructions below) 6' x 1" aluminum pole is adorned with a plastic ball with a golden metallic finish and is engineered to include a built-in "free-spinning" top section that will prevent your flag from tangling on...

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  • Small brackets with two holes to hold small flags Dual Angle Quick Stick Flag Bracket

    Dual Angle Quick Stick Flag Bracket

    Enhance the look of your home by attaching this bracket to your mailbox.  This American-made hardware is backed with a 3M double-sided adhesive, strong enough to adhere to most surfaces firmly. No tools are required, so installation is...

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  • American Flag Windsock

    American Flag Windsock

    This windsock is doing its best to replicate the American flag. White stars boldly dance across a deep blue background at its top, while red and white stripes fly like streamers below. With every wave in the breeze, this eye-catching windsock is uniquely...

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  • Garden stakes with 4 red stars, like fireworks,  each side. 1 has the US flag design. The other a red-and-white 5-pointed star. Across the front says "I love USA."

    Pair of Patriotic Garden Stakes

    A pair of patriotic garden stakes can add a touch of Americana to any yard or garden. Each garden stake measures 32" x 10" x 1" and can be easily inserted into the ground.  These lawn ornaments are made of durable metal, and they're perfect for...

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  • A red, white, and blue pinwheel with a star in the middle. The spinners are attached to a thin black h-stake.

    Americana Spinner

    Make your home sparkle with red, white, and blue with these decorative garden stakes. Place it on your lawn or garden to add a uniquely patriotic flair that will impress your neighbors. This wind spinner’s iconic colors are painted with...

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