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Garden Flag Flagpole

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A black pole for garden flags constructed of black iron. The end for attaching flags is curved, and the other end has 2 tines for securing in the ground.
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Make your garden stand out from the rest with a garden flag pole! Made of black iron and 40” tall, this 4-piece pole fits in any garden. At the bottom is an “h”-shaped stake for easy installation and a stable grip in the ground. Drive the stake into the desired spot until the pole can stand independently and remain fixed in place. 

Our flag pole for gardens is designed to quickly swap designs by simply sliding the banner’s sleeve over the bar, which holds the flag securely in place thanks to the curved end. This pole is designed to hold 12” to 13.5” wide and 18” long flags or banners. 

We offer a large variety of garden flags that are an ideal fit for this pole. Keep your decorations up-to-date and celebrate any season with our Spring & Summer, Fall, and Winter flags.

Note: Garden flags are sold separately. This flagpole is not designed for use with house flags.