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Patriotic Flags

Celebrate America with the collection of Patriotic flags! If there is a flag missing you'd like to see, feel free to contact us. Most often, the reason we don't offer a particular flag is because our American manufacturers don't offer them.

  • The Gadsden flag, also known as the Don’t Tread On Me flag, featuring a bold yellow background with a simple illustration of a coiled timber rattlesnake in its center and the revolutionary slogan, “Don’t Tread On Me,” printed in bold capital letters along the bottom. Gadsden flag waving in the wind.

    Gadsden Flag

    The Gadsden flag, both a comic illustration and a serious philosophy, is instantly recognizable as one of America’s oldest and most patriotic symbols. Since its inception in 1775 during the American Revolution, it has become one of the most iconic...

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  • Three black and white American flags. One has a thin blue line through it. The second one has a thin red line through it. The last one has a thin line that is a half blue and half red.

    Thin Line US Flags

    Hoist a Thin Line US flag to showcase your support of local police officers and firefighters while being patriotic as well!  Our Thin Line American flags combine the American flag with the well-known symbols for police and firefighters.  What...

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  • An American garden flag featuring red and white stripes, a blue union, and 50 white stars.

    American Garden Flag (Fully Sewn)

    Want to show off your love for the USA but don’t have room for a large flagpole? Try our American Garden Flag. These garden flags are an excellent way to show off your country pride. Fly it on your lawn, garden, or mailbox for all your neighbors...

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  • A flag with an American-themed watering can with flowers, leaves, and US flags coming out the top. The background is a garden with a fence.

    Patriotic Watering Can House Flag

    Adorn your home with bold stars & stripes with the Patriotic Watering Can House Flag! Its American-pride theme and colorful design will grab the attention of all your neighbors. This single/reverse house flag is made with a dye-sublimation process...

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  • A decorative house flag featuring all 6 seals for the branches of the US Armed forces. The middle has combat boots, a rifle, and yellow ribbon. The top says "Support our Troops" and the bottom says "Defending American Freedom."

    United We Support House Flag

    Put your support for the United States Armed Forces on full display with this patriotic decorative banner. This flag boldly features all six Armed Forces seals honoring the brave service men and women of our nation. This house flag is proudly made in...

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  • The Juneteenth flag features a red and blue field. The center has a white outline of a 12-pointed star with a solid white 5-pointed star in the middle.

    Juneteenth Flag

    Commemorate the emancipation of the enslaved people in the US with this vibrant Juneteenth Flag. Our Juneteenth flags are made in America with 100% nylon material resistant to water and ultraviolet rays. Equipped with a strong canvas header and brass...

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  • A garden flag that has an American flag on the top portion with 3 jet planes flying across it. The middle has a blue background with lighter blue stars and three white silhouettes of soldiers. The bottom is white to blend with the soldiers. "Thank you Veterans for your service" is written in gold on the flag.

    Thank You Veterans Garden Flag

    Giving thanks to Veterans is not only something we should do on the holidays, it's something we should do all year around. Display your gratitude to the brave men and women who served in the U.S. Armed forces with this decorative garden flag. This flag...

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