Flag Quality

Not all American Flags are made the same. Many flag retailers sell a chain stitched United States flag. What does this mean for you? You have to spend more money and time replacing your flags each year. At Flags.com, not only are all of the American flags made in America, but we only sell lock stitched American Flags.

At the dawn of 19th century the sewing machine became popular and the chain stitch was the first widely used sewing method. This method was quick and miraculous for clothing, bedding, and other home goods. Mid-century, the lock stitch was created. The lock stitch is not nearly as fast to produce as the chain stitch. This is why many American flags you see today are finished with the chain stitch. It’s faster, hence cheaper for them to produce.

The difference you ask? The benefit of the lock stitched flag is that if one section of thread gets torn by wind or wear, it can only unravel to the next lock. Since there are eight locks per inch, your flag's stitching will remain secure longer.