International Flag Specifications

All seals, emblems, and designs are in correct proportion to each flag size.  All flag dimensions, colors, and design sizes are guaranteed to match specifications from Flags and Arms Across the World by Whitney Smith, within a 10% margin.  This is the approved specification book for all country flags manufactured in North America.


Dr. Whitney Smith received his A.B. from Harvard University and his MA and PhD from Boston University. He coined the term vexillology in 1958, vexilum meaning flag in Latin. Dr. Smith, along with Klaes Sierksma, organized the first International Congress of Vexillology, which occurs every two years in changing locations. He also started The Flag Bulletin with Gerhard Grahl in 1961, which was the first journal to be based around flags. Dr. Smith is still the director and an editor on the journal today.

In 1962, he started the Flag Research Center in Winchester, MA, of which he is still the director. In 1967 he founded the North American Vexillology Association, where he is the president emeritus. The Whitney Smith Award for outstanding contributions to North American vexillology was named for him. In 1969, he, Sierksma, and Louis Mühlemann created the International Federation of Vexillological Associations.  The Guyana flag was designed by Dr. Smith. He has also assisted many governments and organizations in drawing up flags. Dr. Smith has written 27 books on flags. His expertise on vexillology is widespread and used as the marker of which to measure.