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30' Internal Halyard Flagpole w/ Collar (ECV30)

Current Stock:
Butt Diameter:
Top Diameter:
3½ "
Wall Thickness:
Suggested Flag Size:
5' x 8'
Max Windspeed (Flagged):
120+ MPH
Max Windspeed (Unflagged):
221 MPH
United States

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A diagram of the top part of a 30-foot flagpole, showing the ornament, upper pole, and a halyard access door on a white background.
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This 30’ flagpole comes with a wire center halyard, revolving truck, halyard block, and cam-action cleat inside the pole's shaft. Additionally, it features a lockable access door for easy access to the cleat. Choosing a concealed halyard system for your flagpole adds an extra layer of security. 

Our aluminum flagpole is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. When a flag is attached to the pole, it is rated for wind speeds up to 120 mph and up to 221 mph when one isn’t. 

For a 30-foot flag pole, we recommend using flags sized 5’ x 8’ for a proportional look. However, smaller flags, such as 3’ x 5’, are also suitable. 

What’s Included?

  • Galvanized steel foundation sleeve
  • Cam-action cleat
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • Swivel flag snaps with vinyl covers
  • Stainless steel quick link
  • Retaining ring
  • Counterweight

If you want to customize this outdoor flag pole with a different truck, ornament, or halyard, just give us a call at 800-858-8776.

How it Works

This flagpole uses an internal system for rigging the rope halyard. At the top of the pole is a wire center halyard with space for two flag snaps. This halyard runs through a stationary truck and across a halyard block (pulley insert) and is then secured in a cam-action cleat inside the pole’s shaft. The cleat is accessible through a lockable access door. For more details download the complete flagpole specifications document.

Freight costs apply for shipping most outdoor flag poles. Please call us at 800-858-8776 to request a quote or fill out our form below. Otherwise, a quote will be provided after you place your order.




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