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Air Force Flag Indoor Flagpole Kit w/ Gold Fringe

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A gold-fringed U.S. Air Force flag with the U.S. Air Force's crest on a blue field. It hangs at rest, attached to an ornate golden flagpole. A gold cord and tassel sit at the top of the flagpole.
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Display the same USAF Indoor Flag Set as the Air Force does to show honor and respect towards the troops! The U.S. Air Force flag set includes:

  • Air Force flag w/ sleeve & gold trim
  • Gold cord and tassel
  • 2 piece polished oak pole
  • Army Spear
  • Unweighted floor stand
  • Air Force flag with gold fringe

*Please note: the ceiling must be at least one foot taller than the presentation flagpole.

Pole Height  Flag Suggestion 
7' / 8'  3' x 5'
 9' 4' x 6' 


HOW TO: Displaying Military Flags Indoors

For a full display, present this Air Force flag with the American flag and our other indoor military flags. The indoor military flag order of precedence from left to right: The American flag is to be displayed first, followed in order by the U.S. Army flag, the U.S. Marine Corps flag, the U.S. Navy flag, the U.S. Air Force flag, and finally the U.S. Coast Guard flag. The order of precedence is a U.S. Department of Defense guideline and follows the order in which each of these institutions were founded.

Click the link below for detailed instructions on how to set up this presentation flag set.



The U.S. Air Force's history dates to 1907 with the Aeronautical Division of the U.S. Signal Corps. As the world evolved, so did the Air Force, developing into a significant part of the U.S. Armed forces through the World Wars. In 1947, the U.S. Air Force was officially established as a separate branch of the American military.

The flag for this branch was created by Dorothy Gatchell and introduced in 1951. It consists of 13 white stars and the Department of the Air Force's coat of arms. The 13 stars represent the 13 original colonies. The three stars grouped at the top by the bald eagle crest depict the three Departments of the Department of Defense: Army, Navy, and Air Force.