5 Fun Indoor Activities for Labor Day | Labor Day 2024

Trying to avoid the heat this Labor Day?

Labor Day 2023 weekend is just around the corner, and if you're stuck trying to figure out what to do indoors to avoid melting into a pool of sweat, we've got some recommendations. Whether you want to spend time with the family or you’re just in the mood for something more relaxing, we've put together a few fun activities for Labor Day that you can enjoy.

5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Labor Day Indoors

1. Play some Indoor Games

Now is the time to build your collection of games! This is a great way to get the whole family involved. You can play a few card or board games, such as Pictionary, Uno, or the formidable Monopoly. Settlers of Catan is our personal favorite. Regardless of the game you choose, this idea will set the right tone for your Labor Day weekend.

2. Start a New DIY Project

Whether it's a solo project or something to do with the kids, Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to tackle those DIY projects you've been saving on Pinterest. Take advantage of the ample time you'll have to complete your DIY projects, especially if the project you have in mind requires time to set or dry.

3. Self-Care

What good is a long weekend if you can't use it to rest, refresh and reset? In this fast-paced world we live in, we all need some downtime. So break out the lavender candles, your favorite glass of wine, and enjoy a relaxing bath. If you have a book you've wanted to read, this is a great time to catch up. Alternatively, binge-watch a new show that's been popping up on your recommended list. We've been watching "The Race Across Alaska."

4. Tackle that Never-Ending To-Do-List

We know you have a lengthy to-do list that you just can't get the time to complete. Why not go through it this Labor Day Weekend? This is your chance to work on your baking or finally organize the closet that's been driving you crazy. While this may feel like work, it's work that is bound to bring you some peace of mind.

5. Create a New Dessert Together

What better way to make your weekend sweeter than by creating a sweet treat with your family? This is a fun activity that everyone can get involved in. Allow the little ones to help by gathering or mixing the ingredients. Making a dessert together will leave you and your family fond memories of a great long weekend. Who knows? Maybe it will even become a family tradition for generations to come!

In addition to all the wonderful indoor activities you can engage in to celebrate Labor Day weekend, let's not forget the importance of this holiday as a time for patriotic observance. Labor Day stands as a significant flag-flying holiday, honoring the contributions and achievements of workers. For details on other such noteworthy days when we hoist our flags high, please check out our flag-flying holiday calendar.

Aug 24, 2023 Joanne M.

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