National Dog Day Aug 26th: Our K9 Heroes

Man’s Best Friend

For man’s best friend, to protect and to serve is an imprinted part of their very nature. Just as your dog protects your property and well being as well as providing you with an invaluable friendship, K9 units help their handlers protect the freedoms of Americans every day. Whether they are leading the search for missing children or diving headfirst into battle, K-9 units are among the most loyal and steadfast officers ever to be found. Besides being an irreplaceable part of police and military task forces—accomplishing missions made possible by their amazing sense of smell—K-9 units also provide friendship and emotional support to military and police employees. In the high stress and high stakes environment of police and military work, the friendships dogs provide can be lifesaving in their own right.

Unsung Heroes

While some might dismiss stories about K-9 heroes as publicity stunts, others know their true worth and outstanding dogs are beginning to get the recognition they deserve. Several posthumous medals of honor have been awarded to military dogs serving in WWII and more recently, canine heroes are being recognized for their work sniffing out IED’s and other deadly devices in Iraq and Afghanistan.

History of Heroes

While dogs have been working alongside man for as many as 15,000 years they weren’t officially employed in recorded history until the early 14th century when they began being used in France to guard docks. In the late 19th century, modern police dogs began being employed to work alongside law enforcement, tracking down criminals and have since been used as scouts, sentries, and rescue workers.

Honoring Dogs

As most dog owners already know, the value of K-9 companionship is truly immeasurable. Dogs are unquestionably loving, steadfastly loyal and never complain about hard work. They have put themselves in the line of fire to protect their handlers time after time, helping American stay safe and win victories both large and small throughout history. Today, we honor the service the many brave K-9 units have selflessly given America and grieve the fallen among them. For as long as our country strives for a better tomorrow for everyone, man’s best friend is sure to be there, fighting alongside the brave men and women of this country. 

Aug 24, 2018 Staff

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