No excuses for tattered American flags!

Editor: I recently took my car to a St. Augustine carwash. I waited to have my vehicle detailed and began to chat with a gentlemen who identified himself as a Korean War veteran. He indicated his displeasure and disgust with the condition of an American Flag which was displayed on a pole, attached to a light standard in the parking lot. "I didn't fight in the Korean War to have to view our flag displayed like that!," he said emphatically. The well-weathered American flag hung, tattered and irreverently in the breeze, clearly evident that it had spent many days and nights in this condition. After agreeing with the war veteran, I noticed two additional flags flying in a similar, disrespectful manner. After mentioning this issue to a carwash employee, I was able to address our concerns with the employee's manager. "We're working on it" was his response, mentioning that he had to rent, at much expense, a high-lift to remove the flags and new flags had not arrived. I informed him that I would no longer be bringing any of my three vehicles to his carwash, since he was apparently unwilling to rectify this disgraceful display of our nation's flag.

As I drove off, I was left pondering three questions: (1) Couldn't the removal of the flags be accomplished by renting an inexpensive extension ladder?

(2) Would an assurance of "We're working on it!" be satisfying to our current military men and women when faced with a dishonorable, disrespectful situation?

(3) Why wouldn't a St. Augustine business have the character and integrity to rectify the inappropriate display of the American flag in a timely manner?

What do you think? You decide. As for me, "I'll be working on it!"

John Krall

St. Augustine

Letter: No excuses for tattered American flags |

May 28, 2015 admin

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