Top 3 St. Patrick’s Day Products

The Cute One: Clover Kitty House Flag

Clover Kitty House Flag

If you’re Irish or a pet lover, you’ll absolutely adore this kitten house flag. The colors are applied using a dye sublimation technique that leaves for a beautiful, watercolor finish in the background. The kitten follows the traditional St. Patrick’s Day themes by sitting in a pot of gold while wearing a massive green tophat, much like those seen on the heads of leprechauns. This 28" x 40" house flag is made from high-quality polyester and is long-lasting as long as it is taken inside for storage during inclement weather.

The Festive One: Happy St. Pat's Hat Garden Flag

Happy St Pats Day House Flag

This bright and exuberant garden flag will add a pop of color to your yard and show your enthusiasm for St Patrick's Day! This St Patty's garden flag is appliqued which means pieces of high-quality polyester, in different shapes and patterns, are sewn together to create a brilliant and fade-resistant banner with embroidered lettering and details. This flag is also double-sided, so it can ready correctly from either side and will fit on any standard garden flagpole or garden flag mailbox stick.

The Patriotic One: Happy St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Flag

Happy St. Patricks Day  Shamrock Flag

This flag features a blend of the American flag and an Irish Clover. It’s perfect for a proud Irish-American or anyone who loves what symbols like the United States flag and the Irish clover. The histories of the United States and Ireland are intertwined in a number of ways. Here are some fun facts about the history of Irish-Americans:

  • Henry Ford was Irish.
  • The White House was designed by an Irishman.
  • 22 Irish-American presidents have served our country.
  • Over 10% of America’s population claim Irish roots.
Mar 03, 2020 Leonard J.

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