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India Flag with Gold Fringe

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The indoor India flag has 3 sides of gold fringe around a horizontal orange, white, and green tricolor. In the center is the Ashoka Chakra.
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Our Indian flag with fringe is an excellent option for display in government offices, schools, and professional environments. Each flag is proudly crafted in the USA using nylon, a lightweight fabric that drapes elegantly. The tricolor and central Ashoka Chakra are digitally printed for sharp, intricate details and vivid colors.

These flags are finished with an elegant gold fringe along three edges and include a pole sleeve for simple mounting on an indoor flagpole. Consider attaching a flag spreader to your flagpole to ensure the Chakra emblem is clearly visible.

Indoor India Flag Highlights:

  • Made in the USA, supporting domestic industry
  • Official 1947 design
  • 100% fade-resistant nylon
  • Ceremonial gold fringe
  • Pole sleeve for straightforward display
  • Secure leather tabs

Note: Indoor flags can become worn or damaged by outdoor use. 

Check out our India flag with a header and grommets for general use and outdoor displays.